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they want you to become less callow, less shallow

I made two new icons! These two photos were taken during the Shamu Dream show (which was fabulous by the way). The first icon is of the little one (Baby Shamu I guess, I wonder if they have private names). The second icon is of the baby's mother (the baby was sticking close by to her after the show and it was a her, you can tell). These icons are so ridiculously easy to create especially the mama one but I love them anyway, so simple. The baby one was a little harder because I had to find the a good color so it wouldn't wash out or look garish. These are actually up for grabs and since I did take the photos I would prefer a shout-out in my direction. Of course that means somebody would have to take them and they aren't that good! :P

The orca has been my favorite sea animal since I was a teeny tiny girl! I don't even remember a time I didn't love them to the point of being over emotional over seeing one!

Do you think it's a little busy? Originally it was just 'dancing through life' but then I remembered the other line. I would love an animated one like that but I can't do it. I really like it, I just think it being animated would make it look less cluttered. :P

This one was so simple to create but I love it to pieces!

Heh, consider this kinda a preview post for the photos I'll upload later!
Tags: my icons, my photos, seaworld
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