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Two great songs lyrics of comepletely different spectrums of rock come to mind right now

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

I'm back yeah standing on the rooftops having it baby I'm ready to go!
Doesn't have anything to do with that but whatever.

So I'm packed, I just have to throw my phone and iPod in my purse. My phone is one of my alarm clocks (I have three). My phone has two tones for my alarm...the first one is Star Wars cause it's loud then the sleeper is a pissed off yowling cat that sounds like Mr. Scrooge (RIP). We're leaving around 10 and it won't take long to get down there, we will stop to Coffee Bean on the way there (yee!). Take some teas and water bottles for the ride there (and then back). The neighbors will take care of the animals (including da fishies). My iPod got revamped so all the songs were easy to find for the car trip, plus I found my TLC and my Boyz II Men cds and had to add them so I had to hook it up to my computer.
I probably won't update again until tonight if it's true about the hotel having free internet access. We're bringing our laptop and a few dvds because the hotel doesn't have a dvd player (has HBO but I don't want to risk anything being crap). Only tv I'll watch will be Family Guy still on Sundays? If so, I'll be back home and won't be able to catch it..poo. Is the new season of South Park out yet? If so, what days is it on? I know the hotel gets Comedy Central..ah well. So yah, if the hotel has internet acess I'll update and check my mail. Hell, I'll probably update anyway with phone posting :D
Yay Wicked! Photos of whatever the hell we do will be uploaded Sunday night and the week following, won't bother bringing a 35mm since it will be such a small trip of places we have film pictures of already :]
Okay, that's it. I'm tired. Only sleeping for about 12 hours in 96 hours is no fun. Time to put on my Harry Potter playlist turned to the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack so I can fall asleep to the lovely music.
Tags: coffee bean, lyrics, old!school, pets, random, scrooge, theatre, vacation, wicked
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