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a crap load of news photos

Some of these photos are a few weeks old

Cache of artifacts found in Jamestown well

A cute fuzzy little bee! I thought of you beethatbumbles!

Wow, I wouldn't want my temperature taken with that!
Lightning is so beautiful. Speaking of weather, the weather here in S. Cali is supposed to break and be normal. Let us thank the weather gods!

This photo is so beautiful
It's like a ying yang heart kinda but instead of black and white it's red and...what is that? Maroon?

Mmmm fish ice!
My favorite bear :D

If I were a shark that would look mighty tasty :D

The fandom gods continue to mock me for not being able to make Comic Con dispite it being only two hours away D:

A cute hippo named Thug :)
He looks disgruntled

Why do they have so many polar bear photos? Are they mocking us by showing us a bear known as the 'ice bear'?
I really pity the polar bears right now

This gave me Beethoven flashbacks
I would not eat that icecream after that dog got to it. I might love Heidi but not enough to share drippy drooly icecream

Eeee, another fuzzy bee!
beethatbumbles, another bee!!!!

Another lightning shot

I'm really laying these links on thick aren't I!!! Yes, I'm wide awake now and very wired. I'm also eating Cheerios and orange juice.

The burnin' love has been doused
I'm so witty...not!

This is freaking cool

Mud Day!
I still have my Woodstock 94' vhs that I taped from Mtv that Kennedy, Ricky Rackman, and Kurt I want to watch it.

Tigers make me so emotional. How the fuck can people want to kill these people for fucking sex drugs. Thinking about people killing tigers brings me into a big enough rage to make me use words like that


Oh hell no, I could not have that stuff in my hair

This makes me sad, he's the last of his kind unless there's a female somewhere :(
Finding a female and preserving the species is worth more then $10,000 in my opinion.

Okay, I'm burnt out again. I'm going to sleep for a thousand years. Cheers.
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