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Paul Judd is so gorgeous

When I saw my psychiatrist she prescribed Ambien (sp?) to help me sleep. Well it hasn't helped it at all, I've been on it nearly a week. The Topomax (which I've been on before) has started to help with my mood swings but the Ambien isn't working at all. Had a hour of sleep. Joy, I'm really exhausted and I'm about to crash and I know once I do I'll sleep until at least 2pm. I hate my sleep problems.
I have this strange thing and I wonder if any of you have it. When I'm over tired and freaking exhausted my hair feels really greasy even if it's clean. Really icky and gross. Any of you get that feeling? If not, do you get anything like that? I also get really hot and sweat easily, get easily weepy, prone to fits of 'the grumps', and I get the chills easily (all more normal I know).
Tags: sleeping problems
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