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Camels Often Sit Down Carefully, Perhaps Their Joints Creak

Went to do some errands with mum today..well yesterday. Went to Target and PETsMART. Got a few cheap movies (Clueless yay!) and a few shirts. I got some rattie food until I can make some, also got some cat toys and some blue CareFresh (ran out of Harlan Teklad aspen and need to get more). Saw some adoptable cats. There was a beautiful mama and little tabby kitten. I just know that kitten will be adopted first. Though that kitten pulled at the heart strings that are reserved for homeless kittens the mama tugged at those other heart strings that only homeless older kitties are allowed to tug. I would adopt the mama myself. Actually, honestly? I would adopt the mama and the kitten XD

Richard Gere is sexier now then when he was younger..and he can sing! He's also a great actor and a wonderful humanitarian.

David Duchovny is sexy as sin. He's very funny with s a dry sense of humor :D

Also throwing this one and and this beautiful lovely piece out there. Doesn't he have lovely shoulders? XD.
Ooooo and this one!!! Guys in glasses, leather pants, and kilts make me hot. XD

Okay that was completely random and I was going to use the 'weird' mood icon but looking at all those photos of David Duchovny changed my mind ;D
Tags: hot guys, i'm so pervy, my kinks, pets, photos, random
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