Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Padfoot says 'grrr'

I am either sick or I have bad allergies. If it's the former, who gets sick in this weather. Well, unless it's Valley Fever and it's not because I don't live in any of those areas and if it were I would know by now. ;p
I will start thinking of HP quiz questions later today, I know almost everybody on my f-list are HP nerds like myself. I'm thinking of doing multiple quizzes. Movie quizzes and book quizzes, possibly even quizzes for each book and a quiz for all four movies. Would you all like that? I'd like like to share a pet peeve of mine about the GOF movie. I really enjoyed the movie but Barty Crouch Jr. annoyed me. He was a very intriguing character in the book and had no character development in the movie. That's not the real pet peeve though because I guess I can understand time restraint, my pet peeve is the fact that...
1. It showed him conjuring the Mark with Harry's wand so we know he did it right away and..
2. He had that tongue tick and they had 'Moody' do it all through-out the movie so I'm sure the people that never read the book caught on. That sucked!
Oh hell I'll share one more pet peeve. Sirius! I'm sorry but he needed character development! He has such a huge part in movie five! I won't give anything away because some people on my f-list that plan on seeing movie five never read the book but he has such a key role to Harry's development and he had two parts in GOF!!! They weren't even good! His voice during the owl scene and his face in the fire (I wish they did the fire chat different). They should have had the hospital scene! I would have loved if Mrs. Weasley and Bill were there with Harry but would have understood if they weren't but Sirius should have been there! GAH!
Okay I'm done ranting. Why yes that was completely random!
Lastly, doing a custom f-list update! I added a bunch more people to my f-list since making my 'fandom' filter. My fandom filter would have posts like the above one so poor shmucks that don't give a rat arse about HP or Futurama and don't want to read more then two paragraphs worth of rambling would not be subjected to it. So, who would like to be put on the filter?
Tags: harry potter, i'm a geek, quizzes, rants
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