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Fuck my mom. First she says to get a new car, 'get a Ford, Elena (Adam's wife) can get you a deal'. Then the next day she says 'get a used car'. Now today I mention the Yaris and tell her how cheap it is. 'I'm not helping you pay for it and you don't have the money to pay for it.'.
What the hell? She helped Adam pay for his car! She gave him $3,000 towards his first car and she promised she would help me when I bought my first car! It's not like she's broke, she can afford to help me! The Yaris is as much as some of the newer used cars! She won't help me pay for it.
Then a few minutes ago she went 'well what about a Ford, Elena can help you? I might help you?'. I mentioned the Yaris again. 'No, I won't help you with that.' A few weeks ago she mentioned the Yaris.
Fuck her, I guess I'll have to get a really really cheap car because mom won't help at all and I can't afford anything over $5,000. Thanks mom, I really know how I rate in your book.
Tags: cars, family, mom, rants
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