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I have a sexy new icon & mood theme that makes my knickers very happy

Poor Jon! LOL!

So after a two hours of cursing, desk banging, and just utter asshattery I got my new mood theme up! I, of course, didn't make it, but I am still so very happy with my nice mood theme.
I also found a few new icons but only got around to uploading one which I'm using.
I'm really tired guys, I doubt I'll be able to do a quiz this morning (it would have been Star Wars). I'll do it as soon as I long on and I <i>know</i> some of you are just waiting for the Harry Potter quiz but don't worry, I'll do that one tonight!

edit---I think I need to edit my mood theme, it keeps saying 'depressed' or 'sleepy' and using the other photo....I'll bother with that later
Tags: comics, fandom, icons, lj, mood themes, polls
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