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it's so flipping hot!

Dude, The Pogues!

Also, I'm kinda not liking my mood theme anymore. Check out the mood icon for 'hot', I don't like it. Also, too much Hermione in this theme! NOOOOO. Gotta keep an eye out for a better theme :]

Mom and I did some errands. We went to Miller Honda to get a new key since I lost my key would have taken 2 hours so we said fuck it and left. Well, before we left we asked about the Fit. The dealer spouted off how it started at $19,000 which is bullshit. Mom says he said that because we were two women so we shouldn't know what cars are worth and such. I don't know about that but that was complete bullshit. The Fit is fairly inexpensive as far as a new car goes, that's why I want it so much! So we'll talk to this guy we know who runs a dealership (actually he runs Miller Honda!). So then we headed to a Coffee Bean drivethru and I got a dulce de leche blended, yums! Headed to Bed Bath & Beyond with the promise from mom to go to Best Buy afterword since I hate shopping at BB&B with mom. I like the store, just hate shopping there because mom takes forever. I can't really complain since I do the same thing in a bookstore. So we got a few things, including some candles since we were completely out. Unlike my brother, who always has a candle going, I only light them when my room smells or is musty. They are expensive so you shouldn't really keep them lit all the time like he does. I wouldn't complain if he did it with his candles cause that's his own problem but he comes over and automatically lights one of ours. Arse. Okay, anyway. Also got a few more things.
Headed to Best Buy. Picked up a few movies including 28 Days Later because my previous copy was completely scratched. I wanted to get the special edition Evil Dead but didn't have the money and I've been dying to see The Mummy and since I gave my friend my VHS copy...I needed to get the dvd (planned on it anyway). So I got the special edition for that, wasn't that much! We had a coupon which helped. Then we spent 10 minutes arguing over what type of headphones I wanted. I told her I don't like the ones that go in the ear, hate those and refuse to buy them. I also don't like the kind that curl over the ear, I prefer the old fashioned I got an expensive Sony one that drowns out sound, with those padded ear things..not the cheap foam covering. So now I have new headphones, yay. Then we checked out.
On the way home a guy in front of us had a messed up wheel, a screw was loose or something because it was wobbling and he couldn't control his car. We stayed like 100 feet behind him and he finally pulled over. I was freaked about that. Also, mom was talking on the phone (grr!) and stopped really late in back of a guy that stopped for pedestrians. She was like...2 feet from the car. I hate when she talks on the cell phone in the car, I NEVER do. If I must call somebody while I'm on the road I will pull over! It's hard enough for me to look over my shoulder while easing into another lane much less talk on the phone while keeping my attention on the road! Mom says she can do it but she can't, she's more prone to swerving into another lane and such when she's yakking. Bah.
Yesterday we did stuff too. We went to Denny's and I had a nummy strawberry mango pucker (strawberry lemonade basically). Got another one to go and drank it all up, mmm. We also went to Borders after my therapy appointment (mom met me after). I picked up a Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child book, I love their work! I also picked up the new James Rollins which I was waiting since January for! I also got a whole bunch of non fiction medical books. One book has weird medical facts, another is another hot virus book (I'm really into hot viruses), another is the history of medicine, and the last was a book on strange medical stories like a woman with a worm in her brain that came from eating undercooked pork. I love medical things!
Okay I guess that's it for now...this was actually a good post! :P
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