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I took the medication to help sleep at 12am last night and fell asleep two hours later (2). That's not bad! Took the other medication, we'll see if that works.

The computer
[x] I spend hours at a time on the computer.
[ ] Without the computer, life would not be the same.
[x] I depend so much on my computer, if it broke down, I would cry.
[x] I have sooooo many pictures, files, games & other things saved on my computer.
[x] I have my own computer, & it is in my room.
[x] I buy stuff online frequently.
[x ] When I have homework or other responsibilities, I tend to go on the computer instead.
[ ] I have been late to something because I couldn't get off the damn computer.
[x] My parents always say that they're 'going to take away my internet' because they know that would be the ultimate punishment.
Total: 7

Online chat/phone
[ ] I have spent more than 6 hours talking on the phone.
[ ] My phone is practically attached to my ear.
[ ] I have gone to sleep extremely late because I was up all time talking on the phone.
[ ] My cellphone bill is too high.
[ ] If my MSN/AIM/Yahoo, etc. won't allow me to sign in, I go crazy.
[ ] I have over 200 online buddies.
[x] I met good friends, or even my best friend, online.
[x] I meet people in person that I met on the internet, complete strangers. (only have I got to know them)
[ ] I spend more time in chatrooms than I do with my own family/friends.
[ ] I rather chat online than by phone, e-mail, or in person.
Total: 2

[x] I am ALWAYS reading something.
[x] I have 100 + magazines. (National Geographic and old TIMES)
[x] I buy more than 3 magazines every month.
[] I am subscribed to more than 3 magazines.
[ ] I am soon gonna run out of space to put all my magazines!
[x] When my mom threatens that she's gonna thrown out my magazines, I yell & tell her that I'm keeping them forever! (only my Geographics!)
[x] Reading is way more fun than TV, computer, music, etc.
[x] Books are my life. I even wanna write a book.
[x] I spend more money on books/magazines than I do on clothes every month.
Total: 7

[x] Without music, my life would be miserable.
[x] It seems that I'm always humming or singing something.
[ ] I like every type of music.
[x] My mp3 player/iPOD has over 1000 songs.
[x] Not to mention the huge amount of songs I have on my computer.
[x] I have 200+ Cd's.
[x] Music cheers me up, makes me happy, relieves my stress.. kinda like a best friend.
[x] Whatever mood I'm in, I can always listen to some music.
[ ] I am/want to be in a band.
[ ] I lost count of how many concerts I've been to.
Total: 7

[ ] I see at least 4 movies in theatres per month.
[x] I have so many DVD's, I don't know where all of them are!
[x] I have a DVD player in my room, that I use often. (If you count my computer!)
[x] I buy every movie that I really like. (well i try to)
[x] I keep all my movie stubs.
[x] I am always quoting things from movies.
[x] I can list 20 of my favourite movies right now.
[ ] I watch the Oscars religously.
[ ] Movies are better than TV shows & music put together.
[ ] I have over 5 favorite actors & over 5 favorite actresses.
Total: 6

Make-up, hair & other girly things
[ ] I straighten/curl/crimp my hair every day.
[ ] I don't remember how my own natural hair colour looks unless I look at old pictures.
[ ] I have so much make-up, I don't even use half of it.
[ ] I have more than 5 eyeliners, 5 eyeshadow palettes & 5 lip glosses.
[ ] I wear bows, hairbands, ribbons, etc. in my hair.
[ ] I get my hair cut more than once every 3 months.
[ ] I LOVE pink, anything pink is good!
[ ] Flowers are awesome, as well as chocolate, jewelery & designer clothes.
[ ] Accessories are actually more important to me than my clothes!
[ ] I have more than 5 purses.
Total: 0

[ ] I watch at least 5 shows per day.
[ ] I spend more than 5 hours watching TV every day.
[x] I am addicted to some shows. (I'll get them on dvd)
[ ] If I miss an episode of my favorite show, I'll freak out.
[ ] I watch TV before I go to sleep.
[ ] My alarm clock is my TV.
[ ] I have seen every MTV show at least once.
[x] I have more than 500 channels on my TV. (satellite isn't hooked up right now but when it is..)
[ ] I use picture-in-picture.
[ ] During commercials, I flip to other channels to watch something else.
Total: 2

[ ] I watch sports every day.
[ ] I have been on a sports team more than 5 times.
[ ] I play sports any chance I get.
[ ] I am very athletic & fit.
[ ] I work out all the time.
[ ] I also walk, run, bike, or swim on a regular basis
[ ] I have a favourite basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. player as well as favourite teams.
[ ] I like to be outside waaayy more than staying inside.
[ ] I don't mind getting sweaty or breaking a nail.
[ ] No, I'm not girly.
Total: 0

[x] I am in love with chocolate.
[ ] I will eat anything once.
[x] I always eat when I'm bored, stressed, watching TV, etc.
[ ] I don't care about my weight, all I wanna do is eat!
[x] I have tried Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, as well as other kind of dishes.
[ ] I don't have many foods that I dislike.
[ ] I like going to parties or other gatherings for the food!
[x] My friends mom and brother say I'm a pig when it comes to food.
[ ] I cannot go to the mall without eating something at the food court.
[ ] Snacking is my favourite pastime.
Total: 4

Going out/friends
[ ] I go to tons of parties every year.
[ ] I have more friends than I can count.
[ ] If someone invites me to go somewhere, I don't care what mood I'm in, I'm going!
[ ] Movie theatres, amusement parks & malls are among my favourite places.
[ ] I hate staying in, I rather be out 24/7.
[ ] The computer is cool, but partying is so much better!
[ ] My friends & I do crazyyy things!
[ ] I cannot pay attention in class because I'm always chatting with friends or thinking about what I'm gonna do that night.
[ ] Work? Who has time for a job when you can hang out with your friends instead!
Total: 0

[ ] I go shopping at least twice a week.
[ ] I don't care how many shoes or accessories I have, I always need more!
[ ] There's always more room in my closet for more clothes.
[ ] I follow fashion/trends.
[ ] I have 10 or more pairs of jeans. (pants yes, jeans no)
[ ] I have 30+ shoes.
[ ] The mall = best place ever!
[ ] I spend money like nothing else.
[ ] I can't just 'hang' at the mall, I have to buy something!
[x] I want a job at my favorite store so I can get discounts & go shopping after work!
Total: 1

Bad things
[ ] I steal/shoplift frequently.
[ ] I smoke ciggarretes every day.
[ ] I smoke something other than ciggarretes regularly.
[ ] I have gone to school/work high or drunk.
[ ] I get drunk when I'm with friends & then do stupid things.
[ ] I have done sexual things under the influence.
[ ] I curse ALL the time.
[ ] I fight with people constantly.
[ ] I have been arrested.
[ ] I am banned from 2 or more places.
Total: 0

The one with the biggest total is your major addiction. If you have a tie, include them all.

I am addicted to: the computer, books, music
Tags: medication, surveys
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