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I'm running on fumes today, I fell asleep around 6:30 this morning and then had to get up at 8am so I only got a hour and a half of sleep. I can function on two hours usually but I just haven't gotten much sleep this last month and my hours are yea, I'm running on fumes. I am exhausted. I can fall asleep so easily on the couch and mom's bed. For the couch, it's because it's overstuffed and it swallows me. With mom's bed, it's the room; the windows always get a breeze while the little dog run that's outside my window does not. I need to get a bed like the couch, overstuffed! Or at least get some sort of mattress cover like that...
So I had a doctor's appointment today to check out more medication options since the one I'm on is not good. I saw another doctor because my previous one upped my dosage on this last drug even though I complained that it increased my migraines. So I changed doctors and she put me on something I've been on before. Hope it works
Tags: medication, sleeping problems
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