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Ex Savage Garden member weds boyfriend Good for him, I'm glad he was… - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Tue, Jul. 18th, 2006 04:11 pm
Ex Savage Garden member weds boyfriend
Good for him, I'm glad he was able to do that :)

This is complete bullshit
You might be against it but it is your fucking job! If you have some qualms about certain medical procedures, don't work there! What if an orthedox Jewish doctor refused to treat somebody that had food poisoning from eating pork? That would be the same thing! I know an Orthodox Jewish doctor and he does everything he's required to do as a doctor! I'm sorry but this just pissed me off, it's fine to be anti choice (even though I don't agree with you) but to do what this person did, it's disgusting. Heh, sorry for going and bitching like that.

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Officer Kelli
Tue, Jul. 18th, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC)

I am glad that someone like that doesn't work at Planned Parenthood...it's just that much more depressing when someone tells you they can't let you do it because God wouldn't want you to or something. Don't the girls feel bad enough? I know I felt horrible and if I had met a nurse like that I would have just felt a million times worse...like she's perfect or something...:(
I don't think you are ranting, it's an honest opinion...I have gone through it so I feel more outraged but I am glad you are speaking out too...
And I had no idea Darren was gay! OMG! He WAS married to a chick before Savage Garden was big, so maybe I just assumed he was straight...:P
Did you steal that link from me?? :P

Agent 27
Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)

Well maybe it wasn't a rant, if it were I would be cursing a lot ;P
I knew he way gay, a friend of mine told me..or at least bisexual.
Yes I did steal that link, I am a link theif. I am Sara The Link Theif..umm yeah because I don't go to AOL sites at all ;p

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Officer Kelli
Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 12:54 am (UTC)

HAHA, I have a personalized google page (since I have a gmail account) and I put people links as an option, since I don't get the mag...:) I don't care if you steal, I was just wondering...;)
I think cursing is alright, but in that instance, maybe not effective. You did a good job conveying your feelings...;)

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Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 01:02 am (UTC)

UGH. That second article was just gross and horrible. :-x I'm going to check my general dislike for religion and just leave it at that.

And also even though I know most people dont share my views about animal rights, I'm always completely stumped by how people can feel so conflicted about CELLS and fetuses and be completely disinterested in other fully functional animal lives.

Agent 27
Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)

I don't mind religion, it can be beautiful in it's own way. I just can't stand religious fanatics! Like Bush for example. Whatever happened to the seperation of Church and State? He's trying to pass these laws that should not be brought up because it's against 'his god'. I don't care if he's against homosexuality but he should not be trying to pass laws to inhibit their rights! He does this because it's against his religion and he should be seperating his beliefs from his role as our President!
I'm conflicted with certain animal rights points. I'm against animal testing for vanity products and to find out 'if a rat doesn't like eletricity'. However, I'm not really against valid medical testing, like using rats to find a cure for cancer. So, like I said; I'm conflicted on that. However, the animals being tested on were already born and they have feelings and such. Up to a certain point in development, a 'baby' doesn't feel, doesn't have thoughts, etc etc. At a certain point, abortion could be thought of as 'murder' in my eyes..like if a woman got an illegal abortion at 8 months, that's not only dangerous but the baby is much more developed and probably has some thought (though what can a fetus think about in a dark wet womb?). Don't get me wrong though, I'm pro-choice through and through!

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Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)

Yeah between the wiretaps, the Patriot Acts, and the cowboy 'tude he is really a dictator, isn't he? He definitely pushes his ideology on others. :\ Its very disturbing.

As for medical testing: yeah that's a tricky issue for me too. I'm actually reading a book with both sides at the moment. I have qualms about testing on the great apes especially. Anyway, to me it's just mindboggling that the issue never even comes up. I've read about how laws are so lax here when it comes to treating lab animals. For instance: mice, rats, birds, hamster have NO legal protections at all in the US. Yep.

Abortions is a tricky topic too. I dont know though: a fetus has never actually 'lived' not in the physical sense but as in 'experienced life' so its sort of odd to say it 'died' in a way. It would be interesting to know how sentient a fetus is at certain points in development. Of course I would be more cautious about late term abortions but they're already illegal anyway. (shrug)

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Miss Celie of the North
Wed, Jul. 19th, 2006 07:57 am (UTC)

The article, of course, makes me feel sick. I've done clinicals at a catholic hospital where I can't speak about birth control (if a patient asks about it or something, I can give her the number for the health department) - but to me, working for the rescue squad knowing that you might have to one day you would refuse the call because you don't agree with it is heinous, and you definitely should be fired. There are plenty of catholic hospitals left in the world - work there.
I don't agree with drastic "life-saving" (peh, there is more to life than a pulse) measures, either, but I put up with them because it is my job. I keep my personal opinions to myself (for example, we have this one elderly guy who is seriously only alive because he isn't strong enough to rip out his feeding tube - he's tried a few times. he wrote a living will but his family disputed it and unfortunately, the policy now is that the dead can't sue, the family can - yuck).

And, honestly, there is a flip-side to all of this "waaah, we're persecuted for being pro-life" - my mother is coming up against brick wall after brick wall to just stop her place of work from sounding decidely pro-life, even though they only offer general GYN and OB services - no abortions. The Planned Parenthood not too far from here closed due to pro-lifers protesting so much that nobody felt they could get private, confidential services with half their neighbors gawking at them. That whole "I'm going to pray for you WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" thing is really fucking irritating. Seriously. I'll copy you a story from my nursing list from a mother of premie triplets who was made to feel like complete crap due to the nurses haranguing her for being a pagan. It is very unprofessional and personally, I really don't have that much sympathy if you get fired. You can't "in good conscious" do something? Don't make it your job, then.
Sorry to have ranted all over your journal - you may've noticed it is a sore spot with me.