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I am a fangirl, fear me

Speaking of Potter, it's been a year since Half Blood Prince! My word, it seems like just a few months ago I was debating who will die with the girl next to me in line! I remember seeing the big standup posters saying when it will be released. I remember going insane during the last seven days of waiting. I remember the scandal in Canada where a store released the books early by mistake and how some assholes posted spoilers about the book in huge type on every Harry Potter community. I remember staying up all night reading and only stopping to pee. I remember crying like a baby when the character died. Time flies when you're nuts huh? In 362 days Order of the Phoenix will be in theaters. Actually, I'm hoping to be in England by that time. Next summer I plan on going to Israel for that Birthright Israel trip Jews can take. From there I would be going straight to England for at least two weeks, hopefully three weeks to a month! So I'm hoping to be in England for that movie! Hell, if the seventh book is released next July (07-07-07 baby!) I hope I can wait in line at an England store! That would be like seeing U2 play in Dublin!

Potter Opera? NO WAI!
Asteroid named after JKR

Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth
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