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Myrddin Emrys

This site has so much cool crap!
I could easily waste alot of money here! I want so much stuff here, including the PotO stuff!

That baby has brains!
He really should stop making fun of the chimps.

Sort your songs by number of 5 most played They are all HP songs obviously since I use that as my sleeping playlist, plus I just play it alot
#1: Finale~John Williams Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
#2: A Window To The Past~John Williams Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
#3: Lumos~John Williams Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
#4: Double Trouble~John Williams Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
#5: Do The Hippogriff~Jarvis Cocker Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Sort by 5 longest
#1: Something In The Way~Nirvana Nevermind 20:35
#2: The Diamond Sea~Sonic Youth Washing Machine 19:35
#3: Marcia Funebre: Adagio Assai~Beethoven 16:28
#4: Suite from Lee Harvey Oswald~Velton Ray Bunch Quantum Leap 14:55
#5:The Battle Of Hoth (Ion Cannon/Imperial Walkers/Beneath the~John Williams Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Sort by 5 shortest
#1: Harvey The Wonder Hamster~Weird Al Alapalooza 0:21
#2: Opening Title~John Williams Jurassic Park 0:32
#3: Paddy O'Carroll~Memphis Jazz Orchestra Music Aboard the Titanic 0:37
#4: Daughters of Triton~The Little Mermaid 0:37
#5: We're Off To See The Wizard (duo)~The Wizard of Oz 0:37

Sort by artist...first 5 artists
#1: 2 Live Jews
#2: 3 Doors Down
#3: 311
#4: Adam Sandler
#5: Ah-Ha

Sort by last played...first 5 songs
#1: I Don't Like Mondays~The Boomtown Rats
#2: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)~The Byrds
#3: I Wanna Be Like You~Jungle Book (Loui Prima!)
#4: The Pink Panther Theme~Henry Mancini & Gary Burton
#5: Any Dream Will Do~Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Now set to shuffle...first 10 songs
#1: Lollipop~The Chordettes
#2: Le Pison~The Little Mermaid
#3: Let Me Go---3 Doors Down
#4: Dobby The House Elf~John Williams Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
#5: New York~U2
#6: Memory~Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats
#7: King Of Pride Rock~Tim Rice The Lion King
#8: Munchkinland Musical Sequence~Billie Burke The Wizard of Oz
#9: We Are One~Angélique Kidjo The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
#10: Spam~Weird Al

Enter these words in the search. how many songs?
Love: 106
Hate: 3
Sex: 9
Death: 10
Life: 36
God: 33
Black: 22
White: 16
World: 99
Fuck: 0
America: 84
Blue: 30
California: 5
Hot: 28
Hope: 26

How many songs of each artist/band?
Eminem: 0
50 cent: 0
Jay-z: 0
Usher: 0
Lil Jon: 0
2pac: 0
Bow Wow: 0
Kanye West: 0
Ludacris: 0
Nelly: 0
Snoop Dogg: 0
T.I.: 0
U2: 457
Good Charlotte: 0
Linkin Park: 0
Blink-182: 0
Metallica: 0
Disturbed: 0
System of a Down: 0
3 Doors Down: 6
The Counting Crows: 0
Green Day: 0 (but that will change)
Fall Out Boy: 0
Panic! at the disco: 0
Sugarcult: 0
Sum 41: 0
Maroon 5: 0
Smash Mouth: 1
The Beatles: 42
Elvis: 35

How many songs are on your iTunes?: 2622
How many artists?: I don't know, how do you figure that out?
How many playlists?: 38
What is the total time of all your songs? [it says at the bottom]: 40 days
How much space?: 9.58 GB
Do you have an iPod?: yep
What type?: an original U2 ipod
What color?: black with red wheel

More Random
Put your songs or current favorite playlist on shuffle, what was the first song?: Get Off My Back~Bryan Adams from the <i>Spirit</i> soundtrack
How many stars did you/would you give it? 4\5
Do you know all the words? Nope
Whats the next song? Bitch by Meradith Brooks
Whats this one about? Feminine empowerment
How many songs do you have by this artist? Just the one
Are they popular? This song is popular, don't know about the artist
Could you dance to this song? Yah, a little
What's the next song? The Metro by Berlin
What genre is it? 80s pop
Do you like songs in this genre? I love 80s pop music
Is this one of your favorite songs? Nah
Are there swears in it? I'm not sure, I think so
What's the next song? Busa by Lebo M from the <i>Rhythm of the Pridelands</i> cd
Does this song embarrass you to sing out loud? It's hard to sing out loud because it's in Zulu, I try though and I'm not embarrassed
Could you headbang to this song? Nope!
Do you headbang to this song? Nope!
Whats the next song? Endless Night from the broadway Lion King
Are you embarrassed to tell people you have this song? No way!
Would they expect you to have it? Who's 'they'? Alot of people know I love broadway music, Zulu music, Disney, and Lion King so no!
Is it a fast song or a slow song? It' between. Very moving song
Is it about love? A love between child and parent
Whats the next song? California Dreamin' from The Mamas and the Papas
Is it older than 5 years? It's from the 60s!
How long is it? 2:42
Is the band underground or mainstream? Bah, it's the Mamas and the Papas!
How did you first hear this song? Probably mom was listening to it in the car when I was an ickle girl
Whats the next song? Down by 311
Would this be a good song to play at a wedding? Haha no!
Is it a serious song or a funny song? Erm, neither
Have you seen a picture of the band or artist who sings it? Yessum
Have you seen its music video? Probably
Does it even have a music video? I remember there being a video

I eat McDonalds at least once a week.
I probably own more than 1000 cds.
I still plaster posters on my wall.
I've been to Hellfest.
I'm watching Room Raiders.
I hate Room Raiders. <i>who cares</i>
Zombie movies are the shiittt!
Half my family hates me.
I sleep in the nude.
Martinis are my favorite drink.
I collect/have collected Beanie Babies.
I wear skirts often.
I've played Dungeons and Dragons.
Barney was my favorite show when I was younger.
I have small boobs.
I hate video games.
The word interesting is just a bad excuse for an opinion.
I watch the Wiggles. <i>wtf?</i>
Playing my instrument is how I calm down.
Problems with addiction have ruined my life.
I've been mistaken for a member of the opposite sex before.
I smoke Marlboros.
I smoke Camels.
I don't smoke.
I chew on stuff a lot.
Patience is something I have a lot of.
I have had plastic surgery.
I use an alarm clock.
I have less than 60 people on my buddy list.
I have never met at least one of my grandparents.
Office Space is one of my favorite movies.
Desk jobs are borrring.
I have been to over 100 shows.
I have a good job.
Life is fucking with me right now.
I have a disability.
I have a disease.
I wear all black.
I have had my hair every color of the rainbow.
I have never been to New York.
Listening to leaked albums is stupid. <i>what?</i>
I am balding.
I play DDR.
I think the word 'gay' is offensive.
I have a dog.
I wear plain underwear.

I have sinus problems.
I have a pool in my back yard/complex. <i>hot tub</i>
I call soda 'pop'.
I've had over ten cell phones.
I am messy.
I drink beer often.
I like leopard print.
I love rockabilly.
There is someone that I wouldn't mind killing. </b><i>I couldn't do it though</i>
I'm graduating next year.
Anne Coulter is awesome.
I think there's a level of closeness that couples shouldn't get to.
I'm wide awake.
I've met someone famous.

I'm quiet in bed.
I love wearing bright colors.
I own something by Christian Dior.
I adore Paris Hilton.
I have a collection of makeup.
I like coloring books.
There is something I am trying to change about myself
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