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First sees stem cell Senate win, politics uncertain

400,000-year-old DNA found in bear tooth

Mom found a dead possum in the backyard. Told me to get rid of it, she of course never does those things, even waits until I get home from somewhere. Whatever. Anyway, I was expecting it to be asleep but the flies were having a good time so I got a shovel. It's garbage day today and we missed the pickup so it'll be in the trashcan for a while week. I'm going to throw things on it so the smell is blocked...I flipped it onto the shovel and saw a big obviously ruptured the intestines..omg the smell! It was worse then when my rats die and the other rats rupture the same intestines (if I don't see the dead rat for a bit the living guys get to work on it..ugh). Omg I thought I would drop dead from that odor.
That's it.
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