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What disorder do you have?
OCD and Bi-Polar..I could have said that without taking this survey ;)

[x] You know what fasting is.
[x] You've been on a fast before. <i>Religious reasons to make my parents happy or for a medical reason</i>
[x] You've gone more than two days with out eating. <i>When I had my tonsils out ;)</i>
[] You've purged your food before (aka Thrown up).
[x] You don't like the way you look. <i>And this is a sign of an eating disorder?</i>
[] You obsess about how many calories are in your food.
[ ] You excersise more than anything else in your daily life.
[x] You have low-self esteem.
[ ] You've lost alot of weight in the past year.
[x] You have persistent negative comments to say about your body shape and size.
[] Your personality has changed, or you think your "huge" when others say that your skinny.


Bi-Polar Disorder

[x] You can be happy one moment, and then be pissed the next.
[x] Your mood is either at a very high point, or a very low point.
[x] You have sudden outbursts out of nowhere.
[x] You get pissed off easily.
[x] People have asked you if you've had bi-polar before.
[x] You use curse words/sometimes. <i>I guess nearly everybody is bi-polar then!</i>
[x] You are severely depressed, or it comes and goes very often.
[x] You get so depressed, that its hard to get out of bed at times.
[ ] You always seem to have tons of energy.
[ ] You hardly ever sleep, or engage into things such as drugs, alcohol, or risky sex activities.
[] You've had or still have suicidal thoughts, or have attempted it.

total : 8

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

[x] You have unwanted ideas or impulses to do things.
[x] You have urges to do things, to relieve a discomfort you might be feeling.
[x] You are obsessed with something that you do every single day.
[x] You have anxiety or feel distressed.
[ ] You feel like if you dont repeat a certain act, whatever it may be, something bad might happen to you or a loved one.
[ ] You can easily lose control of your mind.
[x] You like to make sure you're clean all the time.
[x] You've thought you might have obsessive compulsive disorder before. <i>I know I do, I was diagnosed!</i>
[x] Certain impulses or images come to your mind often.
[x] You repeat certain acts to get whatever it is out of your mind.
[x] Your obsession interfeats with school, work, or social life...or you tend to feel paranoid. <i>Lately</i>



[ ] You have violent behavior.
[ ] You tend to have multiple personalities.
[] You have delusional thoughts.
[x] You have paranoia.
[x] You isolate your self from being social with people.
[x] You have trouble sleeping.
[x] You sometimes have unusual sensitivity.
[ ] You've had hallucinations before.
[] You have a flat voice, lack eye contact, and a blank face expression while talking.
[x] You have difficulty with your speech, or answering questions normally.
[x] Are you real emotional?


Multiple Personality Disorder

[ ] You were abused as a child.
[] You've been exposed to many traumatic situations.
[ ] Your personality can change within seconds.
[x] You sometimes act like your a different person, but its only in a certain mood you get into.
[x] You cant remember many things that have happened in your life <i>It's only because I  have a bad memory</i>
[ ] You some times feel like your body is not real, as if its changing in size, shape, color, ect.
[] You look at something and you feel like its changing in size, shape, and color to...or as if what your looking at is not even real.
[x] You can become very stressed easily.
[x] You have forgotten bits and pieces of your child hood. <i>Again, bad memory</i>
[ ] You are unable to recall personal information.
[ ] You feel as if your not even here, and that your more than one person.


Now add up the section you had the most X's in..and then repost this saying which disorder you are most likely to have!!
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