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I'm home! I had fun at the Bowl, fireworks galore! As usual, they started with the National Anthem which we all sang to. I might hate our government and the self-centered views most of America holds (I said 'most', not all) but I do love my country. I love my state and my country :)
So, the conductor was funny! He was talking about our athletic symbols and was talking about Barry Bonds, cracked a joke about how he's good for our spirit and our pharmacies ;P
Anyway, some great music and then Kenny Loggins came on. He was ok, I wish he only performed a few songs but he took up a hour! I wanted the orchestra to do more American songs! Then they launched into Stars & Stripes which always kicks off the fireworks. It was fun! Then Kenny came back on when they launched into America The Beautiful and sang along with it. I tell you, on the 4th I'm very emotional, what with country pride and all ;p
I started singing America The Beautiful along with him, most people were and I got all choked up. It was lovely.
On the way out we saw some old friends who were seating only about 100 yards away! What a small city ;p
I do have a fuck you to give out though. A big 'fuck you' to the teen girl in the bathroom. This little girl, probably 6, came out of the stalls and met her mom and the washing area. This little girl was just growing hair back and she was pale, thin, had sunken eyes, and sunken cheeks. I'm thinking leukemia and chemotherapy. She was a sweet girl, kept going on and on about the songs and how she 'can't wait for the fireworks!'. Then this teen girl, 13 or 14 who was wearing a short short skirt, tank top, and lots of makeup, came into the washing area. She said 'excuse me but boys are not allowed in the girls bathroom!' The little girl, who seemed so bright and full of life (she was adorable!), said "I'm a girl, I'm getting treated for my sickness". She was all out there and telling that girl what was what. The teen replied with 'well why aren't you wearing a wig or something?! Aren't you embarrassed to be bald!?!" Everybody around us kinda got silent and we all shifted our eyes to the little girl and the mother. The mother looked pissed and I saw the girl's eyes water. I wanted to bitch slap that cunt (I hate that word so you know I was pissed to use it!). I just left and heard the mother reassuring her daughter. That little girl was very sick and really looked like she should have been at home or in the hospital but I'm so happy she got to see the fireworks and listen to the music. I really hope the big firework finale cheered her up.

Oh, when we got home the idiots were still setting off bottle rockets across the street. Damn arses.
Tags: concerts, culture, holidays, rants, stupid people
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