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I want to be a lumberjack!

Happy Independence Day to my fellow US friends.

Please keep your pets safe by keeping them indoors.
Not feeling very generous to my government right now but I am patriotic. Ick, I must put a small rant here. When I say I support the troops some people are like 'zomg, you support the war!?!??! Bush is the Antichrist and we need to bring them home! Um, people: hello! Just because I support the troops does not mean I support the war. I want our guys and girls home just as much as you do but they signed up to keep our country safe (at least most did). There's some messed up soldiers but overall, I root for our people. Bring them home but support them while they are away!

The Breakfast of Champions

bold what you said/did/whatever.

Slang of the '90s
(I still say some of them!)

- 'Dip' or 'Let's Dip'
- 'Sup, b?'
- 'All that and a bag a chips'
- 'As if!'
- 'Bangin'
- 'Beeotch'
- 'Bling-Bling'
- 'Bounce'

- 'Dead Presidents' (slang term for money - reference to G.W. Abe Lincoln, etc.)
- 'Don't Go There Girlfriend!'
- 'Gettin Jiggy wit it'

- 'Homey/Homeslice'
- 'My Bad!'
- 'O.G.' (meaning "original gangsta")

Remember these shows of the '90s?

- Smart Guy
- Clueless
- Living Single
- Gumby
- Cat Dog
- Rocko's Modern Life

- Forgive or Forget
- Jenny Jones
- Ricki Lake

- The S Club Seven
- Animaniacs
- Pinky & The Brain
- Where is Carmen Sandiego?
- Dennis the Menace
- Saved By the Bell

- Where's Waldo?
I remember the books! I never did find him in that last page with all the other Waldo's
What about Muppet babies!?!?!? Ack, there's so many others I could mention but I won't...oh one more! Eureka's Castle ^_^

I know you remember playing with these toys of the '90s!

- Annimorphs Transformers
I've heard of them all but only bolded the ones I played with
- Beanie Babies
- Baby Furby
- Britney Spears Dolls wtf?
- Cabbage Patch Dolls
- Crazy Bones

- Digimon Digital Monsters
- Furbys
- Gameboy Pockets
- Gameboy Color
- Interactive Gizmo The Mogwai
- Jurassic Park Dinosaurs

- KISS action figures
- Tickle-Me-Elmo
- Laser Pointers
- Magic Hair Doll

- Mighty Max collectibles
- Pogs!
- Pokemon
- Skip-it
- Tamagotchi
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- Troll Dolls

- Yum-Yums
- Z bots
- Zip-Zaps
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