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yo ho ho and a bottle of Butterbeer

Ooo, okay this post is not a stupid lj post!
My brother's friend is moving to Ireland (lucky sod) and he needs to get rid of his car. It's a 98' Jeep Cherokee, I didn't even think of getting a Jeep. I've been looking into getting a Honda, Nissan, Volvo, etc but Jeep wasn't on my list. I know it's a good car so that's no biggie. The only problem I have is if it's an automatic. Mom said she can drive the Jeep if it's a manual and I can drive the Honda. We're going to check it out tomorrow :D
This is fine until I can save up for the Mini Cooper (must get one someday!)
Oh, almost forgot; he's selling it for $2,000
Okay this next part is for anybody living near me, or within two hours of me (not as far as San Diego ;)

My father got a camera for his college graduation back in the 70s, a Canon. It has all the lens attachments (including panorama and telephoto) and I would love to be able to use it. However, it's light meter has been busted for a few years now and I can't find a place that can replace it or fix it. I went to Bel Air Camera in Westwood but they said they couldn't help me. I contacted Canon but they also said that nothing could be done. Do any of you camera savvy people know a place in LA that can fix or replace the light meter? I'm willing to travel a bit to get this camera fixed, West LA, SF Valley, South Ventura County, N Orange County, anywhere within two hours!
I really want to be able to use this camera, it's wonderful!
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