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Okay, I am calm now

OMFG! I just wrote a long post and deleted it!!! That pisses me off. Fine a run down
Went to Coffee Bean on the way to work. Work was super boring. After work we went to the Pantages Theater and got really good seats for Lion King (woo!). Also bought tickets for Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat playing tomorrow night. The lady at the boxoffice said Wicked will be there next year, so I'm keeping an eye out. Better then driving to Costa Mesa!
Went to Curves and did the workout then headed to therapy. After therapy we went out to dinner. Came home. Here I am.
Okay, photos!

Cats have such hard lives

Spencer sees a toy

I will destroy you

I bought the cats another kitty wand, after playing tug-o-war with it, the wand broke. It's okay though

A toy!


I'm sexy, I know it!

Hey pretty mama, wanna kill all humans?

I am a cat. You are a human. We know who is superior

I will destroy that toy and then kill you in your sleep

This is boring. You are boring

Look what I can do!
Tags: cats, my photos, performences, rants, spencer
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