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this is a major fangirl post

I'm home, real update later but for now; news!

I logged on and saw that headline!
I got shivers, seriously. I don't even want to think of who she would kill off.

A slightly different article
All I know is I'll be offline 24 hours before that book is released...more if it looks like people will be assholes and spoil it for us (like with HBP). I also won't put down the book except to go to the bathroom and eat...maybe nap. I can also tell you that if Harry dies...well, I will be very upset. *snuggles Harry*

This isn't that new but I didn't post it yet
I am defiantly seeing it at the Imax at midnight! Any LA peeps wanna come with me?

And now for something completely different
I hated that show, but this article makes me sad

I still have shivers from those first two articles. I was a bawling baby with the deaths in OotP and HBP (won't mention since some on my list don't know). I can't imagine if Harry died. Also Remus and Neville, I love those two. I'm thinking Snape will die. I love fan fiction Snape but I kinda loathe the 'real' Snape. Oh, I feel bad for him, he was the victim of bullies but I still hated him. I hope he redeems himself and it isn't black and white but we'll see. I am still mixed up with my opinion on that and won't really go into that now. Oh well, I shall stop thinking about this otherwise I'll get a little upset (yes I am obsessed)
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