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1. What's your favorite animal? I love nearly all animals, I honestly can't say what my favorite is...I do have a soft spot for big kitties though...tiger and cheetah
2. Why? I love cats, I have a crazy passionate love for them. Tigers are so endangered :(
3. Have any pets? yep! Three cats, one dog (soon to be two!), some fish, some rats
4. Ever go bird watching? Yeah sometimes
5. Whale watching? I went whale watching in Provincetown, MA. Saw humpbacks, minkies, and fin whales :)
6. Ever go fishing? Nope. I wouldn't mind going deep sea fishing, catch and release of course
7. Are you a vegitarian/vegan? no
8. Ever play Super Monkey Ball? Nope!
9. Do you watch anything on Animal Planet? Don't have satellite anymore...but I used to watch Animal Planet
10. Any bad experiences at a zoo? Well...when I went to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago it was 100 degrees and 100% humidity, that was terrible! Also, the L.A. Zoo is just terrible now and it makes me cry. I don't dare go to the zoo anymore

1. I love chocolate
2. I know all the words to "Beverly Hills" what are the words?
3. I think "Lady and the Tramp" is the most romantic cartoon ever made one of them!
4. Summer vacation ends in August for me
5. My camera is the best thing I own
6. I have TiVo
7. I have/can fake a British accent I don't talk like that though, it's insulting to the Brits in my opinion (Madonna!). I do talk in their slang though
8. There are more than two bathrooms in my house
9. I can walk to my best friend's house in under five minutes
10. The flag on my mailbox is broken don't have that type

1. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? The Da Vinci Code
2. Rented? OMG it's been so long since I've rented! Probably Ringu when it first came out!
3. Bought? Bought a few movies together; Chipmunks Movie, Brokeback Mountain, Munich, and Shuan of the Dead
4. Out of those three, which was the best? Um, it depends on my mood. All of those movies are wonderful! For comedy it would be SotD for sure
5. What's your all-time favorite movie? Lion King most likely
6. Least favorite? Possibly Munich just because it makes me emotionally drained. It's well made and a brilliant movie but it gets to me like Schindler's List does
7. If there was a remake of The Wizard of Oz, who would you choose to play Dorothy? Hmm....does she have to be young? I don't know honestly
8. Speaking of which, do you believe in that whole "hanging munchkin" thing? I've seen the shadow and it looks freaky! It could just be that, shadows. Urban legends rule! Anybody hear about the Three Men and a Baby dead boy? I've seen him too!
9. Who was a better Willy Wonka; Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp? Even Johnny Depp could save the new Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder of course!
10. What's the best snack to eat while watching movies? Cinnamon pretzel and raisonettes

Depression & Sadness
1. Are you sad right now? Well I'm in a low right now (I have highs and lows with depression). I'm not exactly sad but I'm definatly not happy
2. Did anything upsetting happen this past week? Yes, I found out more about my cousin's ailment and then heard some upsetting news about my best friend
3. Do you think you're depressed? <i>I know I am. For one thing I was diagnosed years ago with manic depression</i>
4. Do you listen to sad music? <i>Yeah</i>
5. Have you cheered anyone up recently? <i>I don't think so</i>
6. Has anyone cheered you up? <i>not today</i>
7. Has anyone close to you ever died? <i>Yeah, a few people. My dad, grandpa, grandma, and countless wonderful pets</i>
8. Do you get upset when you hear child abuse stories on the news? <i>Um, duh</i>
9. Do you cry a lot? <i>Yes, I'm very emotional. On a 'low' day the smallest thing will make me cry</i>
10. Do you watch sad movies/TV shows? <i>Yes</i>

Everyday Routine
1. What time do you usually get up? <i>I've been getting up too late for my own tastes; 11am. I try to be up by 9 though</i>
2. Do you shower in the morning or at night? <i>Usually the morning</i>
3. Do you floss? <i>Rarely, I should do it more often</i>
4. Do you have a job? <i>Well...kinda. I go to work with mom and I file and crap. I get paid so it's a job</i>
5. Name one person you see every day. <i>my mum</i>
6. What song are you tired of hearing every friggen day? <i> on the radio? I don't listen to the radio usually so I dunno</i>
7. Do you exercise daily? <i>Well I walk daily</i>
8. What's one thing you have to do every day? <i>eat</i>
9. What do you wish you could do every day? <i>Eat junk food...stupid body</i>
10. How do you like to relax at the end of the day? <i>listening to some music while surfing the web. Then going to bed and putting on Mozart while reading a book</i>

Food & Drink
1. What's your favorite breakfast? <i>Coffee Bean and a chocolate crossient</i>
2. Lunch? <i>Depends on my mood...grew up on pb&j :D</i>
3. Dinner? <i>hamburger!</i>
4. Restaurant? <i>Again, depends on my mood. Magic Carpet for Yeminite...Apple Pan for burgers</i>
5. Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Seltzer? <i>Dr. Pepper</i>
6. Do you drink water? <i>Yes</i>
7. Can you drink alcohol legally? <i>Yes!</i>
8. If no, do you drink it anyway? <i>I only had some wine Friday nights when I wasn't legal</i>
9. What's your favorite food to cook? <i>I like to make macaroni and cheese. I'm a chef!</i>
10. Coffee or Tea? <i>coffee but I'm forcing myself to like hot tea..I do like my mom's cold tea and rasberry hot tea :D</i>

Gambling & Other Money-Type Issues
1. Ever been to Vegas? <i>no but I want to go just to see Phantom of the Opera..have no reason to go otherwise</i>
2. Atlantic City? <i>no and I have no desire</i>
3. Do you like the game Yahtzee? <i>haha nah</i>
4. Would you ever be on contestant on Wheel of Fortune? <i>YES! I had the B-floppy disc game</i>
5. Isn't "Deal or No Deal" such a painful show to watch? <i>I don't think I've seen it..I love the Game Network..Street Smarts cracks me up</i>
6. Are your grandparents gambling freaks? <i>No O.o</i>
7. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? <i>Yes</i>
8. How about one of those scratch off thingies? <i>Yep</i>
9. Did you win anything? <i>nope</i>
10. Ever bet on horses or anything else of that nature? <i>nah</i>

How's the Weather?
1. is it? <i>Zomg, it's wonderful! Windy with lightning and thunder. Sadly no rain..the hairs on my arm are standing up! It's wonderful!</i>
2. When was the last thunder storm you had? <i>NOW!</i>
3. Have you ever said "It's raining cats and dogs"? <i>Yes</i>
4. How about "It's raining buckets"? <i>yes</i>
5. Don't you love when it snows? <i>Yes, wish my city got snow</i>
6. Do you prefer rainy or sunny days? <i>Rainy</i>
7. Does it get really hot in the summer? <i>Yes, it's getting hotter each year...I could take it if it were dry heat but we are getting a lot of humidity as well.</i>
8. Do you mind wind? <i>I love wind!</i>
9. Are you scared of thunder? <i>No, I love it. I go outside when it thunders to get the full feel of it</i>
10. Do you like the song "It's Raining Men"? <i>Nope</i>

Idiot Box
1. What's your favorite reality show? <i>the news</i>
2. Cartoon? <i>Futurama</i>
3. Drama? <i>I loved the show Boston got cancelled..I also liked ER</i>
4. What's the stupidest show on TV right now? <i>I haven't watched tv in over a year</i>
5. Do you watch sketch comedy (MadTV, SNL, etc.)? <i>old school SNL is awesome</i>
6. What channel is TBS where you live? <i>I don't know anymore</i>
7. Do you actually use the TV Guide Channel? <i>Not anymore</i>
8. Do you watch music videos? <i>not anymore..I don't even listen to today's music!</i>
9. How about America's Funniest Videos? <i>I used to watch it</i>
10. Did you know that "Idiot Box" is also the title of a Spongebob episode? <i>yes</i>

Jumping for Joy!
1. Are you excited about something right now? <i>the weather!</i>
2. When was the last time you were really, really happy? <i>A few days ago</i>
3. Hear any good news recently? <i>Nope</I>
4. Fix any problems? <i>I fixed my computer a little</i>
5. Do you get hyper easily? <i>yes</i>
6. Does caffine make you jittery? <i>Nope, it calms me down</i>
7. Do you get excited easily? <i>yep</i>
8. Do you think hyperactive puppies are annoying? <i>Kinda...I don't think I would have patience for a puppy..they are cute though ;D</i>
9. How high can you jump? <i>two inches probably</i>
10. Did you like jump rope as a little kid? <i>yep</i>

Kid Stuff
1. What was your favorite toy as a kid? <i>My Lion King toys and Littlest Pet Shop</i>
2. Were you a Disney Princess? <i>hahaha I think I liked the villians more</i>
3. And how about those Disney animal movies? <i>I love Disney!</i>
4. Did you watch Nick Jr.? <i>Yea</i>
5. Barney? <i>Nope</i>
6. Sesame Street? <i>Yes, I also loved the movie..where Big Bird helps this little Egyptian prince...and where he ran away and got painted blue</i>
7. Do you have/want kids? <i>I don't ever see myself with kids</i>
8. Do you have any neices or nephews? <i>Nah</i>
9. Do you have any adult relatives who act like kids? <i>yep</i>
10. Were you a Toys 'R' Us kid? <i>Not really</i>

1. What color is your hair naturally? <i>mousy brown</i>
2. Do you dye it? <i>yes</i>
3. What color are your eyes? <i>one is bluish green and the other is grayish green</i>
4. Do you need glasses/contacts? <i>I wear glasses and have contacts</i>
5. How about braces/retainers? <i>Not anymore</i>
6. How tall are you? <i>5'8</i>
7. What's your shoe size? <i>10 1\2---11 wide</i>
8. How do you dress on a normal day? <i>shirt and pants</i>
9. Do you wear a lot of make-up? <i>Nope</i>
10. Do you paint your nails? <i>Nope</i>

1. Who's your favorite band/artist? <i>Way too many to count!</i>
2. What's your favorite song? <i>Too many to count</i>
3. Album? <i>Ack</i>
4. Do you have an iPod/MP3? <i>iPod</i>
5. Do you write song lyrics all over your notebooks? <i>no</i>
6. Do you write your own songs? <i>no</i>
7. Can you play a musical instrument? <i>guitar and a little flute</i>
8. Have you ever started/been in a band? <i>nope</i>
9. Can you sing? <i>My cousin says I can..I dunno</i>
10. Do you watch American Idol? <i>Hell no</i>

1. Do you like your first name? <i>I'm used to it</i>
2. Middle name? <i>I have two and both are okay..I prefer my second middle name though; Leah</i>
3. What's the best name for a girl? <i>I don't know, I don't like many girl names</i>
4. Guy? <i>Daniel and Gabriel are nice. I've always loved the name Daniel and 90% of my crushes have had that name O.o</i>
5. How many letters are in your last name? <i>7</i>
6. Where did the "Boy Meets World" creators come up with the name Topanga? <i>After the Canyon?</I>
7. Are actors and actresses going overboard with unique baby names? <i>Ugh, yes. I also hate when people butcher nice old names. Like 'Olivia' being shortened into 'Livia'. I like old names</i>
8. Girls, when/if you get married are you going to keep your last name? <i>Probably not</i>
9. Do you know anyone who's legally changed their name? <i>Yes, I had a friend who loved Mariah Carey so much she changed her name from Maria to Mariah. Ick, don't like that singer</i>
10. Do you have any nicknames? <i>Rat Girl and Sara Radcliffe</i>

1. Do you have a job? (If not, just skip this section) <i>I work with my mom and get paid under the table</i>
2. Where do you work? <i>At a Jewish highschool\college for boys</i>
3. How long have you been working there? <i>I worked there for two months in 2004 and I've been working there for three weeks now</i>
4. Is it a long commute? <i>10 minutes without traffic</i>
5. Do you have a nice boss? <i>He's kinda scary, he's a big shot rabbi</i>
6. Nice co-workers? <i>Mom's a co-worker O.o</i>
7. So, what exactly do you do? <i>I file and type</i>
8. Is this a career or just a job to support yourself? <i>Temporary job until I can find another</i>
9. What's your ideal job? <i>Getting paid to travel the world</i>
10. Do you know anyone with a really cool job? <i>Hmm....I know a few no-name actors</i>

Pop Culture
1. Do you watch Best Week Ever? <i>What's that?</i>
2. How about "The Fabulous Life of..."? <i>Um..</i>
3. Do you know much about celebrity culture today? <i>Only from headlines in the papers, yahoo news, and from me glancing at those tabloids in the market. The only tabloid I buy is Weekly World News, best tabloid ever</i>
4. Or are you stuck in the past somewhere? <i>I'm stuck in the stone age</i>
5. What celebrity is most over-rated? <i>Paris Hilton, all these young girls are looking up to that whore</i>
6. Under-rated? <i>Um...I don't know alot of the new celebrities...I think alot of talented people are under rated.</i>
7. Who's your favorite female celebrity? <i>I'm not sure. I love Julia Andrews :)</i>
8. Male? <i>Tom Hanks, John Cleese, Alan Rickman, & Daniel Radcliffe</i>
9. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity? <i>Somebody told me I look like Melenie Griffith..*shudder*. Somebody also told me I'd look like Drew Barrymore if I lost weight, I can actually believe that</i>
10. Do you know anyone who looks like a celebrity? <i>A few people. My female cousin looks like a young Linda Blaire (I keep expecting her to spew pea soup)</I>

1. What's 43 divided by 3? <i>ACK! MATH!!! Um....14 with remainder 1. Took me a minute to figure that out</i>
2. Name two plays written by Shakespeare. <i>Hamlet (the best!) and King Lear</i>
3. What's the square route of 16? <i>um</i>
4. In what year did Colombus discover America? He didn't, the vikings did ;) Ok ok, 1492</i>
5. Who was the third American president? <i>Thomas Jefferson</i>
6. How many wives did Henry VII have? <i>six</i>
7. Name three elements on the Periodic Table: <i>helium, potassium, carbon. (no I am not cheating</i>
8. When did the Berlin Wall come down? <i>1989</i>
9. How many hours are in 3 days? <i>72</i>
10. A butcher is 5'5. What does he weigh? <i>what?</i>

1. What was your favorite book as a kid? <i>The book I learned to read on was 'I Am A Bunny'. I think my favorite book as a kid was Jurassic Park ;p</i>
2. How about now? <i>Hahaha the Harry Potter series. I also still adore Michael Cricton, Peter Benchley (rip), Dan Brown, and James Rollins</i>
3. Did you ever read the Black Lagoon series? <i>No..but I love the movie</i>
4. Ramona Quimby? <i>Sounds familier</i>
5. Junie B. Jones? <i>I don't think so</i>
6. Harry Potter? <i>Bwahahahaha, if you don't know the answer to that there is no hope for you</i>
7. What book should have never been made into a movie? <i>Hmmm, I don't know.</i>
8. What book should be made into a movie? <i>Half Blood Prince ;) Okay, I know it's going to be made. Fine! Amazonia by James Rollins. Wonderful book and would make a great movie</i>
9. Who's your favorite author? <i>Please see question 2</i>
10. Is "Arthur" a better book or TV show? <i>Um</i>

Sleeping Habits
1. What kind of bed do you have? <i>A's strange. Mom's bed is more comfy</i>
2. Mattress? <i>See above</i>
3. Is it comfortable? <i>Not really</i>
4. When do you usually go to sleep? <i>I force myself around this time (4am). I'll be going to bed after I post this</i>
5. Are you a heavy sleeper? <i>Once I actually get to sleep yes</i>
6. What position do you sleep in? <i>My stomach</i>
7. How many pillows do you sleep on? <i>2 1\2</i>
8. Did/do you sleep with a night light? <i>Used to</i>
9. How about stuffed animals? <i>used to, now I use my kitties. My stuffed animals are around my room</i>
10. Do you sleep with your hair up or down? <i>down</i>

This or That
1. Rock or Rap? <i>rock</i>
2. Spring or Fall? <i>fall</i>
3. Black and White or Color? <i>um...color</i>
4. Cats or Dogs? <i>cats</i>
5. World History or Algebra/Math? <i>world history</i>
6. Bolding or X's?: <i>bolding</i>
7. Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network? <i>old school nick. </i>
8. '70s or '80s? <i>'80s</i>
9. Monopoly or Clue? <i>Monopoly</i>
10. Aerosmith or Bon Jovi? aerosmith.

Under the Floorboards
1. Do you have a secret? <i>I keep Cauldren Cakes under the floorboards ;)...seriously though, yah I have secrets</i>
2. Are you good at keeping secrets? no but I manage
3. How about your friends? I only trust one friend enough with my deep secrets
4. Is your mom one of those gossipy housewives that tell everyone everything? yes
5. Does your family have secrets? yea
6. Do you lie to people a lot to keep your secrets safe? not a lot
7. Are you keeping a secret right now? yes, my secret? I am the lovechild of ET and Alf
8. Do you have a good Poker face? Oh hell no, I'm an open book
9. Have you ever planned a surprise party? yah, my mom's 60th
10. Did you lie on this section to keep a secret? nah

Video Games
1. Do you play video games (might wanna skip this section if you don't)?
2. PlayStation, X-Box, or Nintendo? All three
3. Do you know what Pong is? YES!!! OMG I LOVE THAT GAME *flails*
4. How about Duck Hunt? HAHAHAHA yes
5. Are you any good at Dance Dance Revolution? never played it
6. Racing or Fighting games?  racing!
7. Mario or Luigi? Mario
8. Do you own any video games that are based on movies? A few
9. What's the best video game ever? Zelda!
10. Worst? hmmm, can't think of any that fall under 'worst'

X-rays and Other Medical Procedures
1. Do you know what hospital you were born in? no
2. Ever break a bone? yes
3. Ever needed a wheel chair? yes, when I broke the bone (ankle) I needed a wheel chair for school and when we went to Sea World
4. Do you have Scoliosis? no
5. Have you ever had Mono? I don't think so
6. Were/are you afraid of the dentist? nope!
7. Do you visit a chiropractor regularly?no
8. Have you ever gotten x-rays of your teeth? yes
9. Do you still have your tonsils? nope!
10. Did you get your wisdom teeth removed yet? no

You're So Special!
1. Are you double jointed? no!
2. Do you have any other talents involving your body parts? I can touch my nose with my tongue
3. Can you do any impersonations? a few
4. Can you sing? not terribly well...didn't you ask this already?
5. Dance? hahah no, I wish though
6. Do you type really fast? yeah
7. Do you have perfect vision? oh hell no, I'm blind as a bat
8. Do you have a good short-term memory? nope, bad memory
9. Are you good with computers? a little
10. What can you do really well? I'm a fair photographer

1. So, did you like the survey? meh
2. What was your favorite letter? P!
3. Did you skip over any because you didn't like the topic? No
4. Is 260 questions over-doing it? it was long but I didn't know how long exactly
5. Where'd you get this survey? surveys
6. Do you know them? um
7. Do you think the X-Ray thing was cheating? how is the x-ray thing cheating?
8. How about Under the Floorboards? Um...O.o
9. How long did it take you to do this? like...4 hours. I was multitasking
10. Isn't this the crappiest ending ever? No, at least you didn't end it with 'scar' ;)

Posting more ocean shots then I'm going to sleep. Cat photos later today. Oh, ocean shots will be a separate post

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