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Birthday ocean shots Part I

My computer sucks and only allows me to upload a handful of photos at a time. If I attempt more, it freezes up. Anyway, here's five photos of Paradise Cove, from my birthday. These photos are large, if I made them any smaller the details would get screwed up. They are around 700x500 on average so dial up (like me) be warned. I'll post more photos as I upload them :)

I mentioned that I prefer beaches that places like Central California, Oregon, and Washington get. This is true, I prefer rocky beaches with shell and driftwood and the pounding waves. I gotta admit though, Malibu has some gorgeous beaches :D


The waves receding, I love the hiss they make!

The pier at Paradise Cove, I noticed that during the heavier waves people up there were getting sprayed by the wave mist.

Another shot


I'll post more later :)
Tags: birthdays, los angeles, my photos
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