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My lovely boys; Harry and Draco. Draco was the first to notice the wheel, not long after I got them. He would gallop on it. A few months later Harry (hooded) started to jog on it. Now they tend to run or jog side by side as the same pace. Sometimes they face opposite directions, gets them nowehere fast.

A photo from earlier in the year, I just love it and wanted to share it again :D

There was a new batch of catnip on the scratcher

I was bothering him. Classic kitty superior look

How dare I disturb his scratching

Spencer's half sister Zoe. She's very tiny, 5 pounds and she's almost two! That's her favorite spot, the back of my desk chair.

The old lady, Mystery. She's 19 years old
Tags: cat photos, my photos, mystery, rat photos, rat!draco, rat!harry, spencer, zoe
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