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you broke into the wrong goddamn rec room!

Rat study shows dirty better then clean
Messing with my rat brothers and sisters! :P

Mom gave me my birthday present today...she actually just bought it with me. We did some errands today, went to the bakery to get my cake ordered...chocolate fudge cake with purple and blue flowers :D
Then we went to the bank, Sears, Coffee Bean (mom's bribery for putting up with Sears), and then Best Buy. I've been wanting an iPod stereo for awhile but didn't want to waste my money on getting one when I have my computer iTunes. Mom got me one of the better ones..but not top of the line since she refuses to pay $270 for one, I can understand. The one I got has a remote control which is a must for me. That's the downside with using my iTunes, when I want to sleep I have to listen to the same playlist (sleeping playlist) and I can't control the volume or anything without getting up and going to my computer, which wakes me up. When I'm comfortable with a remote, I can click without waking up so a remote was a must. It also comes with a travel pack which is good for when we go on vacation! The sound is fine for what I want and it charges the iPod while playing it (most do). This is what she got me, but in black. I'd rather have the white but they didn't have it and it's not that big a deal. So that's my birthday present from mom. I went to the dvds and checked to see if they had Galaxy Quest and Tremors. They had Galaxy Quest but not Tremors which sucks because I want Tremors! I LOVE TREMORS!!! I got Galaxy Quest though. I was passing the children's section when a movie title just jumped out at me and I squeed. I really did; I squeed! So I also picked up this! Lastly, I picked up the new Pearl Jam album and Shaun of the Dead. I really should pick up a copy of 28 Days Later amongst a few other dvds. When I go to the mall I'll stop at Suncoast to pick them all up (including Tremors!). Oh, I have Tremors but I have it on VHS, I want the special edition dvd! I also need to pick up another copy of Monty Python & The Holy Grail special edition. It pisses me off, I had that damn dvd! Mom got it for me but I lent it out to somebody and when it was returned it wouldn't work! I forgot who borrowed it, they returned it without me knowing. Had to be somebody with keys to the house, relatives or neighbors. They should replace my copy! It wouldn't be a massive deal with me if the dvd were cheap but it's $50!! I'm mad, when I find out who took it I will be demanding them to pay me for the replacement.
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