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Fuck you assholes! Where the fuck do you get off throwing a beer can at an innocent pedestrian?! I was running late for my therapy appointment and I was walking fairly fast down my block. I was walking across the street when these two fuckers in a Toyota come driving past. I hear laughing and the next thing I know my arm hurts and I smell like fucking beer! Those assholes threw a beer can at me! It wasn't empty either! What the fuck!? I am not about to get on the fucking bus smelling like a fucking boozehound! So I run back home and I hop in the shower. My therapist was understanding but my brother, being the fuckass that he is, was not. "oh I'm sorry that this happened to you and yes people do suck but you should see your therapist anyway! Talk about it or something. Who cares if you smell like beer?'
Fuck you Adam! No I am NOT getting on the bus smelling like that!
Who the fuck are you to throw something at somebody!? What the fuck are you doing with an open beer can in a moving vehicle anyway!? FUCK YOU!
Tags: rants, stupid people
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