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Momzilla Strikes Again

So I mentioned that mom shouldn't be going to work (or driving). Well I was supposed to take her to work today. Again, she's not supposed to work but I'm forced, so there it is. The boss smokes in his office, yes indeed he does. That's illegal but he says this type of work is no but nobody really fights him on it even though they argue with him about other things (friendly arguing). So I can't be in that office too long..maybe 3 hours tops. Mom wants me to get a job there since 'I'm too lazy to find my own job'. No, I don't want to. Not because of the work, I help out when I'm there, but because of the smoke. I can't take that stuff! A lot of odors give me terrible migraines..not natural like a peach but 'artificial' like perfume, cologne, and smoke. I know that stuff gives a lot of people migraines, just saying it gives me them too. So I'm supposed to drive her then drive to Westwood to pick up Adam for an eye doctor appointment. We are supposed to leave at 3:30 to get there. Fine, that would have given mom three hours at the office and that's basically all I can take. If I get a migraine I can't drive safely and she knows this. She also knows the smoke gets to me, even if he didn't smoke that day the lingering odor will do it. So we leave at 12:50. I'm about 4 blocks from the house and she starts yelling at me, saying she wanted to leave earlier. Well, we agreed before my shower that we would leave around this time. But no, she starts yelling at me. Then she tells me to pull over and I do. She's saying how she'll go alone because I'm a selfish bitch. So I get my stuff and get out of the car. She's yelling at me while I walk back towards the house that I'm a 'selfish bitch', a 'lazy bitch', etc. I told her before that I do not appreciate her calling me that, she still does it. So I'm home, changed out of the skirt (I hate skirts!). Mom is going to start bitching at her coworkers (who I like) and Adam about me. Then Adam is going to get on my case, trying to be all nice, and telling me I need to ignore mom and that she can get hurt if she drives. Gee, she can also get hurt if works too!!! It's her, she's pushing me to take her to work when her doctor said not to. I don't feel comfortable with it but she doesn't care.
Oh, Adam just called. I didn't pick it up, do not want to hear from him. Tonight when she gets home she's going to be cold, I know it. Probably will go 'did you have a nice day you lazy bitch? Waste anymore time?'. She's said that before.
Tags: brother, driving, mom, rants
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