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I totally ganked this icon from somebody..pity I don't know who made it

So June 6, 2006 is a day away. Dooms Day and all that rot. Also the release date of The Omen, funny that 6-6-06 should fall on one of our release days (Tuesday). Like I do on Halloween, New Years, and on the 4th of July, the cats will be in as will Heidi. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood but we do get assholes sometimes, especially on the 4th and New Years; firework crazy teenagers. My cats will not be terrorized by these idiot people.
I do want to see The Omen but not terribly. The only movie I am really looking forward to that will be released this summer is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. There's a few other movies I want to see but that's the only movie I will see for sure in theaters...of course I'll be seeing December Boys but that won't be released until December!!!
Have I mentioned that this icon makes me giggle? It does! Anything else worth mentioning? I guess, since my posts have been lame lately, I can do that question survey.
Ask me five questions of any type and I shall answer truthfully :]

Also, five things you might not have know about me:
1. When I was younger I wanted to work in a Level 5 Zone at the CDC. I still have a fascination in viruses but I know I can never do that type of work. If for no other reason then the fact that my hands aren't stable enough, you need very steady hands, more so then a surgeon's actually. My 'favorite' virus was Ebola and I still read up on that virus. Viruses are fascinating!

2. When I was younger my brother gave me the choice of seeing Arachnophobia or The Rescuers Down Under in theaters. I chose Arachnophobia. I stayed on mom's bed all night thinking giant hairy spiders were going to get me. I'm still not terribly fond of spiders, but I don't dislike them. That's probably the first 'horror' movie I ever saw...might have seen stuff before then but I don't have a good memory.

3. I was interested in the United Kingdom before I even heard about Harry Potter. I grew up fascinated with the knights of old and dragons and all the history of those countries. I also have a fascination with weapons, but I love swords the best.

4. I don't have any piercings or tattoos. I had my ears pierced twice but they closed up both times, the first time was probably my fault but the second time I remember being paranoid and keeping them clean and clear of gook. I won't be getting my ears pierced again and probably won't pierce myself at all. I do want a few smallish tattoos though. I want a Celtic trinity knot and a dragon. I want the dragon to be green and silver or blue and silver...but I don't even know if silver is a color that tattoos can come in. I also know I won't get a tattoo until I get to my ideal size if I get one at all.

5. The first 'rock' concert I've ever been to was Metallica. Korn opened for them, I saw them in, I think, 1996 with my best friend of the time. I've been to performances before that, just nothing you would call a 'rock concert'.

One more thing before I head off to bed. Do any of you get tired from drinking milk? Chocolate milk? I get really groggy from drinking milk but even more so when it's of the chocolate variety. I guess that's why mummy's give their kids warm milk.
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