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all environmental disaster movies follow a basic formula

Woke up around 9 this morning, early for me lately. I like to wake up around then but lately I've been getting up late which sucks because it makes me feel lazy. Anyway, headed out to the valley around 2:30 and got there at 4. Spent the time with imonsie and her hubby. Watched him play Serious Sam for awhile then they watched me devour swimmers and dolphins. We were having fun making Jaws throw the humans\sharks\dolphins in the air and seeing how far they fly. Then we watched Dante's Peak with the yummy Pierce Brosnan and then watched An American Tail. Then I relized it was 9pm so I quickly checked to see what time the bus would show up...then kinda snuck over to Mugglenet to see if it was updated. It was, photos of Dan's stuntdouble. Check it out!!!
Took a bit to get home but here I am! Now I'm eating dinner; matza and cream cheese with lemonade.

yodallama! I got the rattie! I have a few of those in different positions. Thank you very much but I'm sure next time they won't be out of sexy British men? ;)

I can't win, I had on SPF 50 sunblock and I still got a sunburn. Stupid fair skin...well no not really, I love being pale.
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