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I live in such a supportive family

mom's home. She's been out of the house for nearly 8 hours and she isn't fully healed. She drove to the office and left at six then went to the market and no doubt lifted all those heavy bags instead of asking for help which the markets offer. Now she's home and telling me not to bother helping her put away, she wouldn't want to 'inconvience the lazy bitch'. Thanks mom. No really, thank you. If mom has a relasp it'll be my fault for not driving her to work. It'll be my fault even though she shouldn't be going to work, much less for seven fucking hours. Nope, the family will all place the blame on me for her driving to work and going to the market alone. Yep, my fault.
I need to get out of the house for the day. I am so freaking happy that I won't be spending my 4th of July with her, last year she was bitchy to me (can't remember the reason). I'll be spending that night with my best friend at the Hollywood Bowl, will be the best 4th I've had in years.
Tags: friends, mom, rants
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