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haven't used this icon in a while

For some reason I can't get into Kingdom Hearts II. It's a good game but I'm not really in my zone as far as being a gamer goes. Oh, I am a gamer, make no mistake about that, but lately I haven't really cared. I do like that his shoes aren't yellow anymore, his whole outfit is changed and even though it's red-based it's still nifty. I'm in the Mulan world, haven't played much. Might play a bit today though.
Sunday I am going to do some errands with mom. I could have gone today but I've been running around like a headless chicken for two days and wanted a break from that. So Sunday we're going to go get some shirts and a new pair of shoes for me as well as workout clothes. I have some KEDS that I love but they don't have good traction so they aren't good for Curves. I'll also pick up JAWS and I'll probably be more into that since I'll be a shark swimming around and stalking people. I love sharks.
I saw a 2003 Mini Cooper for $4,600 which weirded me out. It's a private owner, the interior and exterior are fine and there's only 6,490 on it. I'm thinking it has some sort of problem under the hood but I emailed the person and I guess it doesn't hurt to look. I highly doubt that this car is worth it though, it's way under market value.
Oh well.
Tags: cars, curves, gaming
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