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The Da Vinci Code was wonderful! Can't really review it because I'm mentally lethargic right now. Went to dinner, wasn't good. My aunt really pisses me off and I can't go into that right now, maybe later when I have my wits about me.
We went to a book store that had everything under $10, old books and new books. I got $40 worth of books but it would have been nearly $70 due to some of the titles (some of those books go for $25 normally). My aunt is a terrible driver, I thought my mom was bad! She goes 40 in a 25mph zone and 80 on the freeway. Doesn't use signals and honks at anybody that takes more then 1 second to move after a green. I feared for my life :(

Probe films underwater eruption
Bush says 'Bring em on' was a big mistake
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