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directly pasted from mugglenet

The other day
we reported that a newly discovered dinosaur was to be named after
Hogwarts. Today we have additional information on Dracorex hogwartsia,
including a picture.

The dinosaur received its name thanks to its dragon-like features found
on the skull discovered two years ago. It is a member of the pachycephalosaur family, and its name comes from the Latin words draco (dragon) and rex (king).

Jo was asked to comment on the species' name and was thrilled:

The naming . . . is easily the most unexpected honour to have come my way since the publication of the Harry Potter books.

The fossil is now on display at The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, IN. You can find more information on the restoration process in in this IndyStar news article.

That makes me insanely happy :D
Went to take Adam to FedEx. I waited in the car for 45 minutes. The heat plus the soft tunes of Pearl Jam and the fact that I was exhausted made me fall asleep. Adam couldn't get the package for some identification reason. So we headed home then. Then mom made me take her to work and we only stayed for 30 minutes. I drew Prior Incantatum on Paint Brush. Why no, I'm not a geek! Just kidding, I am</i> a geek and I'm damn proud of it! I'll upload it if I can get it on this computer.
Then we went out to dinner and let me tell you, a good mug of hot coco is very satisfying :D
Now here I am, dead. Wait, nah I'm just physically and emotionally exhausted\drained.
Tags: family, fandom, harry potter, i'm a geek, news articles
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