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It's out!!! Must go to EB Games tomorrow...woo!

Well today was very productive! I took mom to work for two hours and helped a little. Then I dropped her home and headed to Lange for a hour and spent time with the Leukemia kitties, poor dears. Headed to my therapists and quickly stopped at Coffee Bean to grab a drink. Had an tastegasm which was lovely ;P
While waiting for my therapist I called Melrose Driving School to find out if they scheduled my driving test, they didn't. So I'm about to call them to bitch since the DMV is closed for the day. Then I saw my therapist and yakked about this and that (actually had a productive session).
Afterword I headed to the pet store down the block. It's under new management so I filled out an application and talked to the owner\manager. She was very nice and said that lack of experience in retail doesn't mean I'd make a bad salesgirl, especially for a pet store. That was wonderful to hear, because the PetCo closest to me (on Robertson) has people with retail experience but no animal knowledge. They recommend ceder since it's cheap and say that guinea pig food is just fine for rats ("it's all the same really"). I think you need at least basic knowledge of pets if you want to work in a pet store. So I have an interview tomorrow at 1pm. I also have an appointment at Curves at 3:45 to sign up for membership again (I said I re-joined, I didn't I just made the appointment). So tomorrow I rejoin.
I also got my soundtrack for <An American Tail in the mail today! I loved the Don Bluth movies, those were my movies. Loved them!! Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Titan AE, and Anastasia, not to mention a few others! I loved his movies, wonderful!
I just called Melrose Driving School, they couldn't schedule for me. Damn! They'll try again tomorrow. I want to drive! I want to celebrate getting a licenses by going to my friend's house and taking her out to lunch! Bah humbug.
Speaking of driving. I did a lot of stuff yesterday. First of all, I took Adam to his eye doctor since he obviously can't drive (he's beyond legally blind..has keretaconus (sp). On the way home I was waiting for the guy in front of me to make a left turn at Venice and some other street. I was in the intersection waiting and he took forever, I could have made it! It turned red for me and green for the other people, so I was in the intersection while the cross traffic was going. Oy!!! They were NOT letting me get through, buttheads. Mom and Adam said I handled it well and I wasn't at fault. I didn't panic or anything. I was proud :]
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