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It's pizza night!

I used to be addicted to Dr. Pepper, we would buy the 12packs and I would go through them in a week! Well, since mom's surgery we can only go to the market if I'm feeling up to battling the parking lot at the Ralphs we go to, which is very....insane.
Anyway, so I've cut back on the Dr. Pepper because of this, I'll buy a 12pack every three weeks or so. If I run out, it's my loss but mom will bring me a can from the pizza place every Saturday along with my pizza. I've already lost 5 pounds because of my decreased soda intake! I rejoined Curves and I'm sure I'll lose weight that way. I need to get down to at least half my goal weight by October since we're going on a vacation :]
I've also cut back on fries which was easy because I kinda lost my love of them. Oh, I still like them but I only eat them at a handful of locations. My brother told me to stop drinking juice; wtf? No way, juice is not going to be cut out from my intake; I love juice and it has vitamins. He also told me to stop drinking Coffee Bean which I can understand but I won't. That's the one thing I won't cut off entirely, I don't drink it nearly as often as I used to so he can't complain. I used to drink it once a week, now I'll go for every other week. Not only does that decrease the fat\calorie intake, but it makes the drinks extra special! If I'm really wanting a CB drink and it's not the week I'll get one of their tea drinks, makes me feel less guilty ;)
I figured out why my PS2 wasn't hooking up. I have a PS2 mini which has different cables then the normal PS2. He gave me his PS2 obviously so I didn't have the right cords. I would actually prefer the big one because the mini doesn't turn off and such, but I asked him to find the mini. If he can't find the mini (he lost my Gamecube) then he has to give me the cords for his PS2 until he can give me back my mini. He better find my Gamecube too! When the PS3 comes out, I'll be trading in my PS2 for store credits so the PS3 won't be as much money. I can't wait! The JAWS game will be out soon as well, May 30th and I can't wait for that. So, since the only system for gaming I have are the GBA, XBox, and my computer I'm playing games for that. I'm playing Tomb Raider for XBox until I get the PS2 back. It's good, I love making her fall off things. In the original Tomb Raider (I loved the first one!), if she falls far enough her body makes an almighty crack, I loved it! She doesn't 'crack' in this one but she still dies. It can't compete with the first Tomb Raider though, I still kinda get spooked when she gets chased by the Trex. The first time I played that game on my brother's Playstation (the old one), and the Trex rushed out of the foliage, my heart rate sped up. One of the first Playstation games I've ever played (Resident Evil as well!).
I guess that's it for now.
Tags: brother, fandom, gaming, weight loss
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