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Fuzzy again! I'll be posting one photo from this photoshoot every day or so. Heaping them all on you might cause your brains to leak out of your ears from the cuteness. Anyway, a bit about Fuzz. Fuzz was from one of my own litters, the only hairless of that whole litter so of course I'd keep her! She was also my first hairless to pop up in one of my breedings which made her extra special. She was one of the rats I call 'soul rats', the rats that are so special they will have a place in my heart for all time. I have loved all my rats but the 'soul rats' were extra special; Hamlet, Templeton, Fuzz, Starbucks (Fuzz's mom!), Isis, Algee, Coffee, Little Big Head, etc.
Anyway, Fuzz was such a wonderful mum. She would nurse with that silly look on her face and she let me rub her belly right after the birth of her first litter. I actually pet her head during the labor of her second birth, we had such a bond! I was able to take the babies out no problem as soon as she cleaned them up and she would actually bring babies to me later on. I loved Fuzzy to pieces.

box_of_sorrows recently posted a baby photo of his rat 'Mole'. Reminded me of this litter who produced so squiddgy babies! One of them looked so much like a mole!

Look at the shmooshy!

It's got rat boobs! Eee!

It looks like a baby chin with shorter ears!
Tags: fuzz, my rats, rat litters, rat photos
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