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It's another big cache of science news!

'Hobbit' Species Discovery Challenged

Tattooed Mummy Unlocks Peru's Moche Culture">

Rare American Chestnut Trees Discovered

Scientists Claim New Monkey Species Found

On Ancient Walls, A New Maya Epoch

Bleak Outlook For Snowy Peaks

Flood Damage Assessed In New England

Typhoon Chanchu Kills 21 In China

Some Animals Can Think Ahead

WWF Concerned About Overfishing

Amid extinctions, Parrots Get An Aid

First Dinosaur Fossil Found In Lebanon

Common Ancestor of Fish & Land Animals Found

Pacific & Atlantic Oceans Merged Earlier Then Previously Thought

Last Chromosome In Human Genome Sequenced

Okay, one more thing. Anybody been following this?
I have but not to the extent I follow most political stories. Okay, back to my point. I was on the bus today and I heard this gem;
Highschool Girl: I don't know why Hayden would involve himself in politics! I'm sure he's rich from making the Star Wars movies!
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