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Pure unadulterated loathing

I can't stand it anymore. Mom needs to go back to work and she needs to drive but she can't until mid June at least. So we headed out to do errands and I needed to get onto the main street. I turned towards the street via Alcott and mom starts screeching 'you can't make a left turn here!!!'. I mention that I didn't know that and she goes 'how fucking long have you lived here?! You should!"
Gee mom I've only been driving a month and every other time I got around it was from you driving, walking, or taking the bus. I didn't know I couldn't make a left there so I go 'fine, I'll turn left here and go down to Beverly Dr. and make the left there'
She goes 'take me home, I don't want to drive anywhere with you, I want nothing to do with you'. Fine mom, it was your errands anyway. Next time call somebody else to take you somewhere. I don't know the fucking street turns by heart yet!! I don't know what areas you can and can't turn onto!!! I will know but I never needed to know until now and you are bitching at me?! This is beyond a parent saying I can't drive, this is a parent thinking I don't know how to get around and a parent thinking I'm an idiot with 'no sense of direction'. Gee, my driving teacher doesn't know West LA at all and I can get home from areas I'm not usually in! If I can find my way home via Westwood Blvd, that's not special since I take the bus there all the time. But I was able to find my way home from Venice Blvd, Culver City, and San freaking Pedo! Yes, we went to San Pedro and I found my way home!!! Damn it, I can't wait for her to drive again.
Tags: driving, los angeles streets, mom, rants
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