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like my new icon!?!?!?!?

I freaking love the Wicked soundtrack :]
Okay, so I am exhausted. Today I went to the valley to visit imonsie. I did a few errands with mom first then left the house at 10:30 and got to the valley at 12:30 (it takes two hours by bus). We watched Riverdance which was awesome and then watched Day After Tomorrow and picked on that movie (especially the frost scene). We both love the movie but still giggled over the insane stuff. I met her new husband Jason who's very nice (and very cute O.o). I also met her new pit bull MooMoo. OMG, I'm in love! I was never against the breed, signed petitions to protect them but I never really wanted one. I do now! She's like Heidi, but small! Loooove her. Played with one of her other dogs; Tiffy who I just adore. I'm not into small breeds but I do adore Tiffy (silkie).
Then we talked for awhile and I headed home at 7. Got back to my house at 9:10.
That was my day in a nut shell. Next time I see her I should have my license and maybe I can bring her\them back to my house or something to hang out here :]
Anything else I should mention? Ah, today I saw a car liscense plate that said "NAMBLA7". OMG, that scares me. I hope it means something else O.O
I also saw a billboard saying that the Queen Mary is having another Titanic exhibit, must see it!
Yesterday I picked up a few things at Best Buy. I got seasons 3 and 4 of 3rd Rock From The Sun, Tomb Raider:Legend for XBox, Kingdom Hearts II, and I got another copy of Ecco The Dolphin (I love that game!). I mentioned a few times that my brother took my PS2 and my GameCube. I finally had mom tell him to give it back so he's bringing them on Friday. Arse, I'll be hiding them from now on and I shouldn't have to.
I got hit on by a 50something year old Hispanic man this evening, not real fond of that :(
Tags: brother, dogs, fandom, friends, strange people
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