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Don't make me release Dumbledore on your asses!

Did a lot of stuff today, went to the mall to get Mother's Day stuff for mom and grandma. Went with mom of course since I can't drive alone. Didn't get mom anything because I couldn't find anything. Offered to buy the shirts she bought for herself but she refused. Got Grandma some See's chocolates and a pair of slippers. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and then went into Suncoast. Picked up Riverdance and the first two seasons of 3rd Rock From The Sun which I've wanted awhile! Then we drove to a Coffee Bean and got ourselves drinks (mocha blend for me and a banana caramel for mom which I kinda sipped at alot cause it was tasty!). Then headed to the Westside Regional Center which is a place that helps disabled people. I was there in February to get tested and the lady said that it wasn't the place for me because this place is for mentally retarded people and people with more severe problems. Mom thought they could help me and kept insisting that I fit their requirements due to my mental capacities. The lady said that I have mild social anxiety which I agree with and some emotional problems but she also said I'm very intelligent and can go far without their help. Mom then asked about placement places I can live in. I am not leaving! I am not leaving my pets, that's really the only reason I'll fight that. If I didn't have my cats and rats I would say 'fuck it' and let her place me because it's better then fighting. But if I go then I just know Adam will make mom get rid of my rats so I'm fighting it. I rather live alone then go to one of these places! Does she have that little faith in me? Does she want to get rid of me so much? She said that I should go there because she doesn't 'limit me enough' because she is a 'pushover'. Excuse me, I am almost 23, I just live with you because I can't afford an apartment that allows animals at this point. You can't 'limit me' because I am not a child and not a minor! I am getting a license which will broaden my job searches and give me more independence. I think I can live on my own within 2 1\2 years but I am not being placed somewhere! If she does that, I'll probably lose more faith in myself. No. Just. No. :(
I really want to move and not because of this only, I'm sick of being pushed around by mom and Adam. I'm sick of being held back. I need to live on my own!


I picked up my Harry Potter poster! The one with Buckbeak? YAY! I'll put it up on my wall before Monday :D

Also, World's first blue roses developed...but they don't look blue! Maybe they're a different gene then purple roses so they're considered blue?
Tags: driving, family, harry potter, mom, news photos, rants
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