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Striving to put right that once went wrong

So, mom and I were watching Quantum Leap (episodes Shock Theater and </i>The Leap Home</i>) when Adam comes over. So we put it on pause and go to dinner (Pico Kosher Deli!). I'm driving of course. Mom shows Adam just how loud and scary she can be when I'm driving but even she said I was a good driver today. So, in dinner I text my friend because I can and I was slightly bored! Then we leave and mom screeches some more! We go back to our house because Adam forgot his lunchbox (I was picturing power rangers when he said that) and his jacket. Then we take him home and I'm still feeling good so I do everything right and even mom couldn't screech about it.
Tomorrow is my last lesson and then the next time I get together with Melrose Driving School, he'll be taking me to get my test! Just in time for my birthday! ROAD TRIP BITCHES!!! This is great, I won't feel guilty about having mom take me to my friends in Pasadena and Reseda now! Tomorrow is more freeway driving since the last time we went it was pointless due to it being slower then the streets! We'll go on the 10 and then the Pasadena freeway. I have a number of options to get to imonsie's house but only one option to get to my breeder friend's house. Well two but I refuse to go a hour out of my way! So I need to learn to travel the Pasadena freeway which is the oldest, narrowest, and curviest freeway in LA!
Okay, we're about to finish Quantum Leap (I love this show!!!!)
Tags: brother, driving, family, los angeles streets, mom
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