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Hear ye! Hear ye!

I have an announcement! I am eating canned peaches!

Now, we all know Heidi is a bit strange. She's very laid back and you can basically do anything to her and all she'll do is either give you sad eyes or sigh. So, earlier today (like in the afternoon) I decided to bury Heidi. So I did!

This is her looking at me from the one area she was uncovered

Spot the dog! She didn't move for 30 minutes and only moved because mom got up and left the room!

Then a hour ago I decide to harass play with Heidi some more! I wrapped her up first in the doggy blanket for the couch and then in the couch afghan! She didn't care of course!

Don't feel sorry for her.

I'm in the mood for a hot dog O.O

I really do want one! We only have those nasty veggie dogs that I ended up giving to the rats. I've had veggie dogs before, but these sucked!

She wasn't asleep, just resigned to her fate >:)

See? She knows there's nothing she can do to stop me from tormenting her! She doesn't really care though!

Now my stomach is yelling at me for eating those peaches. Stupid stomach!
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