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I'm back from the Lange Foundation. I'm volunteering for the cats since I'm not really a dog person. I had my orientation that showed me what to do and what not to do. I found out about the FL room that is in desperate need for attention but can only be handled last because of the danger to the other cats (and mine). So I went into one of the outdoor kitty areas and was surrounded! There's nothing like being surrounded by kitties! I fell in love with three cats which I knew would happen! The youngest cat in there was 5 months old and the oldest looked to be 13 (he was one of the guys I love). I brushed, played with, pet, and talked to them all for a hour then signed out. Some days I'll give more hours but I had to get home.
Here's some guys I met.
This is Willard, reminds me alot of Desi! He's not real friendly but I didn't care, he did play!

This is Lydia, she was a bit skittish to me but she seems like a gentle soul once you get her to trust her

Daisy, I'm not sure if this is one of the cats but it looks like it. If so, this is one of the cats I adore!

Edward. He just wanted to be brushed and loved, I adore him! I'd love to take him home =\

This is Jaques, he has a goopy eye but he's such a love. Crawled right onto my chest and headbutted!

This is the youngest cat in that enclosure, Dior. He wasn't very playful actually, just wanted to be held (which is fine by me!)
There were two other cats I interacted with. One was an extremely soft orange tabby longhair named Orange Gruffy; loved to be brushed and would headbutt! The other was a coffee colored tortie (lighter then Zoe). She was my favorite; would headbutt and kinda rear up to get your hand (another headbutt!). She also loved to play and she had the most captivating eyes, very piercing, kinda like Edwards! Her, Edward, and Daisy were my favorites!
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