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Well I went driving again..with mom. She had to go to Trader Joe's so I was her driver. Let me point out now that I am much better at driving and I'm more confident. That said, I was a wreck. Oh I started out all right but mom belittled me every moment and pointed out flaws (in her mind) that I was doing. On Pico she went 'why are you going 40, you can be doing 45-50!". Pico is a 35mph zone and she wants me to go 45 and even 50?! So, okay, Sepulveda is a very hard street to turn on to. You have to go slowly and I know this but I haven't mastered it. So I turned onto it and went in the wrong lane (when you turn right or left onto a street you need to go in a specific lane). I knew I messed up and mom starts to screech. Yes I know I went in the wrong lane! I still haven't mastered the speed to turn onto that damn street! So we shop and I get some comfort food (Double Rainbow chocolate ice cream). Then we leave, I am watching for cars backing out and people walking and she's holding on real tight and going "watch out!" and "You almost hit that guy!" when I'm nowhere near these cars and people! So we get back onto Sepulveda and then go to Pico. At this point I'm really close to an intersection when it goes yellow. Now, I could have gone real hard on the breaks and made us jerk forward to stop at that intersection or I could have continued because with yellows, if you can't stop safely you should keep going! So I continue to go because it would have been dangerous to break (and I would have stopped in the crosswalk). She starts to bitch again saying that was illegal and I know that it wasn't by reading the handbook! So we get home and I pull into the driveway which is pretty hard to do because it's a sharp turn into it (it is to me at least), I have to kinda move the wheel just a bit because we were right on the tip of the grass border. No biggie, mom does that sometimes but she goes "are you being a shitty driver on purpose so I won't allow you to get a license?". Oh, thanks mom, real nice. I made a mistake once on that trip! Once! and she's calling me a shitty driver. She, who drives freeway speed on a 35 mile street and goes 30 in a damn school zone! She, who applies the breaks super hard at a stop sign and a red light because she's going too fast to stop easily and safely! Dammit why does she do this!? Oh sure people go 'she wants you to succeed' but this doesn't help! I was fine in the beginning and then she starts to harp on me! She knows it makes me nervous and I'm prone to mistakes when nervous in the damn car! She knows this and she still yells at me at the top of her lungs! Dammit! She wonders why I hate to drive!? She won't be driving for another six weeks! GAH!
Oh, let me point something else out and then I'm done. Not once did somebody honk at me! Los Angeles is the city of honking idiots. People honk for the smallest reasons. If nobody honked at me I must have been doing something right!

Last US Titanic Survivor Dies At 99
This made me sad.
I was into the history of the Titanic a few years before the movie. People say to me 'you are only interested in it because of the movie' which is so not true. I actually did not want to see the movie because I thought they would cheapen it. Well I finally caved and saw it. I was a Titanic historian nazi and nitpicked it. I found some flaws but they did not cheapen it like I thought they would; I enjoyed the movie. Anyway, I just wanted to link that article because it relates to the Titanic (which I still read up on!)
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