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If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all

Wee little pigs! Eeeee!
beethatbumbles, I highly recommend you click on the above link :D
Look at the wee little fox!
I finally got around to watching Bambi II since it came in the mail the other day (we're members of the Disney movie club). It's so good! I can't believe it's a sequel! Most Disney animated movies that are made into sequels aren't that good with a few exceptions (Lion King II was okay). The worst Disney animated movie that was made into a sequel in my opinion was Cinderella, that was terrible! I would think it would be pretty difficult to make a sequel from an old Disney classic and have people that grew up with those classics like it. Lady and the Tramp II wasn't terrible but it wasn't great but Bambi II was awesome. They kept the voices true; they didn't have a totally different sound to them which I found nice. The style was very true to the original which was very refreshing to me. They had a few running gags I found hilarious (the tadpole\frogs cracked me up) and I was very happy to see the chipmunk and gray squirrel make an appearance :D
I need to get Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella, I haven't picked those up yet!
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