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I had another lesson today which went well. We did some maneuvers that I haven't done before and we also did stuff that will be on the test. We went onto the freeway to give me a feel but it was pointless since the Hollywood Freeway was moving slower then the streets! I basically learned how to get on, off, and change a lane. I have two choices, I can either have one more lesson or I can take my test. I'm not sure, I don't need anymore lessons but I'm not ready for the test so I think I'll practice. Mom wants them to take me in their car but I would rather go in mom's car since I"ll be using it and I have more used to it then the little Nissan the driving school uses.
I have a major migraine but I had to make dinner anyway. Then I settled down for a nap and the neighbor dog decided to bark for a hour straight and then Heidi decided to bark and whine and bug mom and myself. To top it off, mom turned on the radio way too loud and all that time I was in the living room trying to sleep on the couch. So now my migraine is worse and I'm expected to eat at 8 when I do not want to eat.
Yeah, I'm peeved.
Tags: driving, rants
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