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This post is brought to you by Advil; the drug that makes Sara loopy!

So, I forgot to mention what happened to me when going to the movies. I waited for 20 minutes for the bus because I'm not used to the weekend schedule. So I wait, no biggie but it's bleeding hot! I think it was the first hot day for LA this year, it's been warm but not hot. So I sit there in a jacket like a schmuck before realizing 'hey, I should take this stupid jacket off', which I do! So I get on the bus and go to the movies. Century City completely changed, I haven't been there since December and they were just finishing the new movie theater so this was all sparkly and new. Instead of the 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the movie theater, it's only 3 minutes! Joy (no I'm not that lazy). It's all fancy, the seats aren't flat like before but they're more modern inclining so no seat is bad. The seats are wide and plush, the bathrooms are large, the menus are electronic and fancy, and the screens are large! It reminded me of the Grove theater or the Pacific Theater in Culver City and it was my Century City AMC theater! I was all happy since it's the easiest theater to get to by bus for me.
Okay, so after the movie I go back to the bus stop and wait. These two annoying high school girls are waiting with me. They are yakking and I hear a few gems out of these mouths. Like "I don't want to go to school, I'm going to tell mom I'm sick then I'll go to the mall". Or this masterpiece: ""I hate my history class! I don't wanna learn about what's going on in Iraq and I don't care if it can lead to another world war! I live in America, it isn't my problem!"
Stupid little Beverly Hills High yuppie brats. Why yes, I am bitter towards people from that high school. All the people I've met that go there think they are all that and a bag of chips because many celebrities have gone there. A family friend's daughter goes there and she thinks she's entitled to everything and she's a major snob.
I also know that not all people going there are spoilt brats, just let me bitch! :D
Okay, so the point of my lovely post is that I got a sunburn (Sara, where the hell does a sunburn come into this post? HOLD YOUR BLOOMERS PEOPLE! ^_~). Anyway, so I didn't realize it would be so bloody hot and wore a low cut shirt (which looks smashing on me might I add!). On the bus to the theater I start to get a headache but it goes away fairly quickly. Then while waiting to get back home I get another headache which I finally realize is from the sun! I didn't have a water bottle on me either so I go back to the market right near the theater and pay $5 for a water bottle. I drink a bit and feel much better (note to self: carry water from now on). So I get home and later I notice a lovely sunburn on my twins (Betty and Boop, no not really!). What a lovely burn, my whole upper boobs are red and I'm just grateful that I didn't spend more time out in the sun or I surely would have perished (gasp!). So now I have Noxema on my boobs, face, chest, and arms because I was stupid and didn't put sunblock on. I know how easily I burn and I know it's May, so why the hell didn't I put protection on?! I'm a douche bag D:
Tags: i'm an idiot, los angeles, rants, stupid people
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