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scary zombie nurse!

I hate it when movies mess up the game they were based on (ie; Resident Evil).
I haven't seen Silent Hill yet but I want to so I went to the site and it's about a woman and her daughter. Um, the first game is about a FATHER, can't they at least have the main character be male? I hope the movie is good though, but that kinda cheesed me off.

Edit: It seems that this movie is based off of the second game; so I take my rant back. It would have been better if they based it off the first since it was the mother game but the second one is good too (the third one sucked;)
In the second one there's this freaky triangle monster (not a spoiler for the game) and that was the first game that got to me. keltikdrag0nfly, you saw it right? Was there a triangle monster?
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