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who sings the Convoy song? I love that song XD

I'm reading a fanfiction that looks promising. I've been so desperate for a FF story I've read some really crappy ones; this one isn't brilliant but it isn't bad!
I'm very easily amused because this line put me into peals of laughter;

Aunt Petunia wrinkled her nose in disgust at him and led him into the kitchen, where Uncle Vernon and Dudley – in all their massive piggish glory – stood in front of the table.

Why yes, I am easily amused!
I got some more Buckbeak icons :]
I had my last driving lesson today but I will buy at least one more lesson so I can do the freeway with somebody. Anyway, it was okay. First we went east on Pico quite a bit and finally turned past Fairfax then went to Olympic. Then we took Olympic way west past Cloverfield, past Colorado actually then turned and headed down Santa Monica all the way to Beverly Hills and then went into Cheviot Hills finally heading home. It was a good lesson; I got over my fear of Olympic which I mentioned before being a very fast and aggressive street. I've gotten more aggressive in turning and I don't have to be prodded; daring to make the turn myself. I messed up a little but he thinks I'm ready for the test. I honestly don't so I will have that last lesson plus a bit more practice. I'll probably take my test by the second week of May.


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