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I can't win :P

So I go see my therapist for my weekly thingy. On the way home I stop at Coffee Bean to pick up a mocha iced blended with no whip cream and a rasberry tea latte for mom. At this point I have two buses to take to get home so I am shlepping this hot drink. As soon as I leave Coffee Bean I go 'why the hell did I get a hot drink?' as it spills a bit on my hand. Joy of joys. So three 7's pass, I could get on them but they are full and I refuse to stand with these drinks. So as another 7 comes up and I'm about to get on, the 13 pulls up. Yay! The 7 stops three blocks from my house and it's a 10 minute walk; no biggie when I don't have a hot drink threatening to spill. The 13 stops in front of the school across the street from our place and it takes me less then 5 minutes to get home; much better for my hands. Thing is, the 13 only runs a few times a day since it's the 'maid\nanny bus', I was lucky to catch it.
So I get home and hand mom her drink; she likes it. A few minutes later she says she can't drink it because it's giving her gas ><
I'm not mad at mom, she can't help it but I'm peeved her her intestines for doing that after I shlep that hot drink all the way from Westwood ><
So I put it in the kitchen and she'll have it later. Right now she's having toast with jelly and butter and some water.
I stopped at Borders before going to my therapist and picked up the book I ordered (special edition Chamber of Secrets!)
If any of you see the special edition for Sorcerer's Stone let me know! That one is much harder to find and I want it! Anyway, so I picked it up.
So here I am typing this entry and drinking my iced mocha blend no whip cream. I haven't had Coffee Bean since before Passover so it's been over two weeks since I've had it! I'm having little fits of pleasure from this drink ^_^
Ya know, I've been sitting here thinking about something. Ya know the Starbucks mocha fraps? Well the ones you get in the Starbucks' locations are terrible! I used to adore them before discovering Coffee Bean so I didn't know any better. They have this terrible aftertaste! Anyway, the point I'm making is you know the bottled ones you buy in the stores? They taste so much better! Isn't it the exact same crap!? It boggles the mind. Just thought I'd share my musings.

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